Progress lost

Hi downloaded DQ yesterday excellent game! I levelled passed the first boss and completed several challenges along the way. This morning however, I seem to have lost all progress. Did i forget to save or is this a glitch? I am playing on a Samsung GalaxyS3.

Thanks in advance

Did you only lose progress on the Challenges or did you lose experience / items as well?

Yes was back to level 1 again and no items in inventory either

When you loaded up the game again, was the “Continue Game” option missing? It sounds like the save file was either totally deleted, or somehow “New Game” was selected which would place you back at level one with no items / stats and such. Also, were you able to play again and have your progress saved?

Hi there, just to let you know this morning seems to be ok, got to level 18 last night and still there this morning. TBH i’m not sure about the continue button I may have pressed “New Game” in my rush to play. Thanks for your help :laughing:

np :smile: GL on your looting!