Progress lost

So pissed lost my 84 wizzard purchased items gold everything gone! Please fix somehow or refund my money not happy at all :cry:

@korathrax Can you tell me how you lost your character? Did something happen with your device? Also, have you ever used the “DQ Account” system? It will allow you to back up all your character data to our online server.


I have already lost my characters (96 or 97 warrior and 75-80 mage). Because of game’s fault. When i played with mage, my screen got the bug and freezed after that reentered the game but i realized my warrior’s axe became the mage’s wep which was using on.That bug happened 2 times on warrior and i losr my weapons(57.x k and 27.x k axes).And i tried to upload my logs coz i wanted to reload the game. But the upload didn’t happen then i became angry and deleted. After download i lost everything i had (22m gold + many precious items + pets but they had very special abilities). If there is a chance to get them back , what can i do? I hope you can help me about that.

With any progress lost, please contact and provide us with your in game email. We will get your account back up as soon as possible!

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I sent about 2 hours ago. But the problem is,email has no logs. I already tried to get from email but it shows ??? Just it nothing else. I’d tried it before deleted there was a sentence “Cannot connect,chech your internet connection” but i had wifi connection. Whatever i just want them back. Thx.

We’re in the process of moving to a new server to take care of these connection issues. Hopefully a patch will be ready within a weeks time. We’re working on it and won’t forget you!

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I do still have that problem too…
Im uploading my latest process to device it cant be… the connection error occur but i have good signal on my wi- fi please fix this more power God bless…

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There are several items in the game that give each class the attacks of the other class. So for example your mage can have the lance rush that the warrior has and the warrior can have the wizard comet skill.

Is this what you are referring to? These are not bugs but rather effects of the items you have equipped.