Finally I’ve reached 1000 floor
I’m an f2p player,my highest dmg dealt is 2.7b
Mythic enemies killed was 4 in total
Didn’t obtain eternal map
Top 59%in mythic league pvp
Legend pet obtained only 3
Play experience only 7 days
Thanks all to golem fir usefultips
And TJC for his support
And shinybox for making this game
GUYS!! Can you send me pictures of what is

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Mythitech: Wizard Items. +1% damage per Rank for each Myth Stone on your Equipment. Warning!!! Eternal Mythitech Items can’t have Mythic Affixes!!! if you try, you end up with the Mythitech Set, a Legend Affix, a Mythstone in a Socket, and 3 empty spaces to put Epic Affixes in. This Is Not A Bug!

Guardian: Warrior Items. While Shield Wall is up, gain +5% increase to All Resists and +5% increased Arcane DMG.

Mercenary: Warrior Items. When attacking an enemy with less than 25% HP with a Sword, 25% chance to deal +100% damage per Rank. After Doing Some Tests, It Looks Like This Set Only Works With Warrior Sword, And Not With Wizard Sword Or Rogue Dagger!!! I didn’t do a million tests, just a few tests, so I could be wrong.

Shadows: Rogue Items. Apply AoE Poison DoT on Stealth. Applying Poison DoT has a 5% chance per Rank to detonate for +20% per Rank of its DMG for each second left.