Progression Help! Mythic Crafting/Crystal Farming?

Hey all, been playing on and off since launch back in the day, just now seeing forums are alive and could really use some help.

I have a Wizard (81, A1 w/ Fortunate) and a 99 Warrior (unascended). My warrior has nadroji ring & amulet, and a hunter ring for shrines, other gear is pretty bad since he’s usually my hireling (I know that gear doesn’t help as Hireling). My wizard is near-cap for gold-find, but only ~450% luck and 200% item drops. I have just enough crystals I could upgrade to the “convert class” ones for nadroji if needed.

I’m trying to play for real now so I just got to 250 (on Easy) to try farming Crushing Flames gear, but my damage & survival is just awful so I can’t swap to Mythic 1 to farm for that set. Trying to go Skullshield build on Wizard & whirlwind or something fast on Warrior. Skullshield is really fast clear speed on 250 Easy, but pretty bad on 250 Mythic, ~1m dps.

I’m open to maining my warrior instead but he’s unascended & has terrible gear. I have most gear sets from <floor 200 since I collect sets, but I have barely any Crystals after Topaz or MS after Flight so crafting Mythics or Crystal affixes feel very out of reach. Any advice? Need screenshots? Is it just “suffer through finding ultra rare crystals and MS til you can craft Sanctuary, Adventure, etc. til I can do Mythic 250+”?

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A quick tip.

Use Larimar on the map and reroll until you get a map without Skyfall or TNT props. These two in particular tend to be deadly.

Post screenshots of your build to get more specific advice.


Thanks for the tip on rolling maps! Will do, I think I got a bad test map before, I re-arranged & re-crafted some gear and I can do 250 Mythic 1 a little bit now, using Warrior as main.

Wizard Gear:

Need to re-roll the non-epic stats to Epic, wasn’t sure if it was worth spending crystals on:

Wizard Stats:

Warrior Gear (+ Nadroji/Hunter Rings)

Since you use druidic set, try finding plagued set(increases hp,armor and poison dmg) for the meantime and you should match all your equipment element to poison also you should fill in those empty socket with mythstone for example endow on your skullshield for some extra dmg boost


Thanks for the input! I was mostly using Wildhide for Ignore Resist and was hesitant to drop move speed from Helmet but I’ll give that a test. Is the gear I have right now worth putting MS in? Was worried about using up resources on stuff that might be better to fully replace, but yeah I suppose adding in a few Endow would be a huge damage boost huh? I didn’t realize Endow was 50% damage

Endow is +50% Weapon Damage for the weapon it is on, and increases AR on the other 4 Items.

when changing Yellow affixes to Orange, do it one at a time so Angelite automatically gives a random Epic affix (if you have 2 or more Yellow affixes). you can also do this for your Pet, at the cost of 5 Crystals per use (if you change each of your Yellow on the Slime, that will cost you 25 Kyanite to take each one off and 25 Angelite to replace each one).

there’s a Crystal that lets you take a Mythstone off of an Item. the one before Ruby.

Luck and Item Drop is averaged between Main & Hireling +100 Item Drop (over cap) for the Hireling bonus. Gold Find is only needed on Main, unless needed for some Set affix boost on your Hireling.

check your Wizard A.I. setup and just have the Skullshield on average use, same for OH Special. cancel Comet and have it use Meteor on average use (you don’t have any Multi Attack, so Comet will be kind of weak). then tweak is as needed based on how you see the Wizard fighting.

change Continuity to Magnify for better AoE (unless you are using Comet to stun everything) and Cosmic to Sorcery for better Fire DoT damage.

get your Dodge to +60%, and depending on what you are able to do, either a Crystal Block +45% on your OH or Sanctuary Mythic on Amulet (Wizard) +60% Block & Bulwark and your choice of Sanctuary Mythic or +30% to +60% Dodge (Warrior). on higher floors, Armor & All Resist protect less and less, so you need other ways to stay alive.


Thank you very much! I’m not sure about the DoT damage, since most of my damage seems to come from up-front damage, but this advice has let me get to 265 mythic1 so far, and dying much less! I’ll keep working on my Luck & Dodge while I try to farm Crushing Flames gear, which hopefully lets me get to 300+ towards the other more powerful sets like Crystalline and Mythical.

Seems hard to get enough pickup radius, and move speed, AND all of the stuff above. Moving much more slowly now, but better slow & progressing than speedy and stuck


for Wizard movement, you either need to put in some Movement speed and Points into Dexterity and/or Skills that improve Movement. the other 2 options that work well are Draught Mythic (+50% movement & APS for 5 seconds with a 5 second cool down, replaces your MP Potion) or change OH to Orb so you can Teleport quickly around the map.

although there are some great Farm Builds that have max Item Pick Up, I’ve only had the +5 yard Pick Up from Fortunate Perk and Hound and/or Imp for picking up other stuff. up to you which works best for you.

if not interested in Sorcery, you could use the Chest Talent that boosts Skull Damage so that your Skullshield does even more damage, or Focus for +50% Weapon Damage for both weapons.