Props to players and good builds


Outstanding wizard. I got REKT :fire::boom::no_entry_sign::100::100::100:

This was the match that determined whether I’d be joining eternal league or not. Tom made that a resounding NO. :confused:


Lol. Good luck figuring a way to beat him :slight_smile: .


Keep up that great spirit!!


Dodge as much as you can using orb and enigma while also damaging him… Pretty easy actually even i defeated him with ease. I was using storm and charge + cosmic orb


dont give up bro :slight_smile: need some works and adjustment and ready to go again just keep on trying and experimenting tips: list down the weakness of your char and then experimenting how to improve it.


never stop to reach the goal


Wowshitdamn. :dizzy_face:

Epic Wizard, Harry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: