Purchase did not take affect

Hi there

Last night I purchased the .99 option for the game, through the game. I got billed for it however after a few restarts the game has not registered I paid for it. The advertising is still on and I do not have 30,000 coins. I thought the game had crashed while it was waiting for the payment as it took a long time so forced it to close.

I still have the receipt email if you need anymore information. Can you please register my game as being paid for?


Hi James,

We are sorry to hear that your purchase would not validate. Right now, we cannot force validation in individual games, BUT we do hope to have that functionality as soon as we get our account system update pushed to the google store. That is still a few days away.

I will go ahead and refund that for you right away. Sometimes we cannot get a return response to a users device after they purchase an item and this can cause the issue that happened on your end.

In some cases it can be resolved by using a different method to connect to the internet. If you were using Wifi try another wifi connection or cellular data connection. If you were using cellular data, give Wifi a go!

Thanks again for playing our game and for your support. I will refund that right away.