Purchase problem

I purchased the angelic pack but cant seem to see it on my character can anyone help me pls

if you buy a vanity pack you could equip it in vanity tab there where you could buy vanity single items

Click on your portrait.
Click on “Merchant”.
Click on mask.
Click on the item you want to wear.
Click on “Equip”

I am trying to purchase a second character spot and I have $1.05 in my Google play and it is only $.99 and it is saying insufficient balance. What can I do?

Google applies tax based on your sate (if in the US) and a VAT if you are in Europe. Since the tax amount isn’t given to us the base price is posted then your tax is applied. I am guessing that with tax the purchase is more than $1.05.

If that is not the case please email support@shinyboxgames.com and we will try to work through this issue with you.