Push the limit

Hello guys, this is my first post here but I’ve been reading the DQ forums for a long time. I’ve been playing the game sinse it was released years ago but I am relatively new to playing in the arena with you guys.

I currently made my first build which I managed to get into the top 10 of eternal 1 which I was happy with but I’ve been stuck as to how to improve further.

I have 2 questions if there’s is anyone able to answer?

What is the arena cap for push the limit? Or is it limitless? I know push the limit is reduced to 18% but what’s the overall cap?

Also what gives more damage output, Having 100% elemental damage affix or having 50% push the limit affix?


  1. 100% is cap on push limit in arena (correct
    me if im wrong)
  2. pushlimit is stronger than 100%ed .
    5000 ed is stronger than 100%ed.
    100% ed shines if u got tons of 5000ed

ex 6x5000ed = 6000ed in arena
100%ed = 24% in arena (correct me if value is wrong).
24% of 6000 = 1400+ed

@Dweller1987 see you in the league bro

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It should be 40%. But it is bugged atm.

hellow how can i get that affix??

@lesterminator012 u cant get it via ruby.
only way to get it is farm gears w/ default push limit affix.

can be get past 400+ floor m3
cognition ring.
brauncage skull
divination amulet.
clairvorance armor
masochism amulet

Thanks for the info. I haven’t managed to come up against your rogue yet! Can’t quite push that high, trying to think of ways of improving.

@Dweller1987 im sure ul reach the top just work hard goodluck bro. pvp hyped

ohh i see… thank you for that useful advise. regards roykiyoy

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Sir Roykiyoy can you please help me for my wizzard set… ?? its hard to me to get into top… Please…
im wizzard skull build…

Another way you could go about it would be to buy the previously mentioned rares in the codez section, then manipulate it using a jasper crystal to turn it into a wizard useable item. I suggest buying the legendx version so you can further adjust its stats to fit your needs.