Putting another element on Crafting ^^

adding another element of crafting,
the “combining”
for example put some gears or weapons on the codex that will be available at combing just like what you did at mythic combination page,
Eternal chacram of demolition
random epic affix
random epic affix
random epic affix

recipe :
???,???,???,??? + elixer
(ragnarok chacram, mutiny, obsidian, amethyst) +elixer
•just an example of the recipe

now the success rate of combination is base on how many elixer u will add
•success rate is = 5% per elixer and cap at 5elixer

so at 5 elixer it’ll give us a 25% of success rate and a 75% of failing rate,

or add some requirements before player can use combing feature
like reach eternal ascension 1st before you can use combining,

seems hard maybe and too small success rate right? of course crafting is never easy ^^

Will probably drop the item faster than craft it :smiley:
Personally i wouldn’t use that many mythstones for a chance. At least for me they don’t want to drop, i need to craft them myself. But it can be an option.