PVE Build idea

Anyone would like to share their ideas on pve build? I can make it happen. My xtals are loaded and i dunno wat to do with it atm. I have alrdy i need. Farming set. Hiking set. Hireling set and pvp set. I would like to build ur pve ideas just pm me or leave msgs here. :blush:

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Farming first. Also follow this guide to help with farm build for hirling.

One thing I learnt though, get both characters set to the mythic 3 difficulty if you want that full 350% bonus or so.

Also I learnt that gold find doesn’t seem to count from hirlings when you make farm build but luck and item drops counts from both characters.


If you don’t have many rubies to get item drops 50%, use fortune mythstone where you can or a random legend with 50% item drops legend affix.

As for crystal gold find, use a crystal legend with gold find of 200%+ or 150%+ , although if you can’t afford it, epic gold find and nature’s. You won’t use Epiphany however so this will be easier for you to achieve until you can afford epiphany.

Do also use Eternalized and Crystalline , although if you can’t get it, Treasured ascension perk. Also get fortunate perk .

Also fortune +10 legend affix , fortune 20 per character , use beryl crystal for any natures such as greed or of luck .

As far as he rest goes, use damage affixes and potentially crushing blow. Heck even crushing flames and interior if you can get it.

Skullshield with Arcanist+Ascedent+Frozen


Oh, somebody told me that luck and gold didnt count from both characters

Luck and ID divide with 2 when u hired but GF staying same.

Luck and Item Drop is averaged between the 2, and experience, you get a 100% bonus with 2 characters, but the bigger the difference in levels, you start to see an experience penalty. I was using a level 99 Toon to Ascend a level 1 Toon, and they both have 6 Quest Stones for +200% Experience, but the level 1 had a +.4% experience boost because of the level difference. I think Gold Find was averaged between the 2 at one point, but I have noticed that isn’t the case now, for some reason. I am just glad for the extra space on my gears.

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I’ve already checked it and still not dividing with 2.

ahh, thanks. when I was getting my Hireling leveled up, the numbers for Gold Find were looking weird. I am still testing to make sure, but at the moment, I only have GF on my Main, so my Hireling only has to worry about Luck, Item Drop, and Experience.

U makin right GF must be on main.

it was when I was putting it on my Hireling, that eventually I started noticing the numbers didn’t make sense, but it took me awhile to start testing it out, as I was working on a few other projects at the time. now my Hireling Doesn’t have GF, but as I am working on even another project, the Hireling Build doesn’t have Luck either, but I am getting so much loot, I haven’t really bothered fixing it until I get another slot ready for a PVE Farm Build for a Hireling.