[PVE/Hireling] WIZ [Calamity Built] - Build Update+Video - 072816

[Please see the update build video below]
I will try to explain what this build is about and what was it made of. If you have opinions or suggestions, feel free to comment it below.

Just for a little introduction
Called this calamity built because of the skills used (storm, twister, meteor, earthshatter (earthquake like), the great and sudden damage by this build. :smile:

This is a wizard PVE build in which (i think) would be very suited for a hireling. Build to kill fast. Not a ton of billion damage though (8.9B highest crit damage without shrine boost) but surely a fast kill from epic-myth type boses (M3 - 750 floors above). Offensive type. Almost no defense because Dodge is the only defensive affix. Flexible with any element (its like choosing your favorite color or mood at the moment. LOL) Anyway, if you love on killing or destroying mobs fast and easy, then i think you’re going to like this one.

Lets get down to the details


  • Gaunglet - anyway you can choose any weapon you want. as long as you can have a good base for damage.
  • Mana Shield - same with MH, you can select any OH as long as you change the special skill to SHATTER


  • Offensive
  • Critical Damage - should always be maxed out
  • Critical Chance - just get it. this is as important for good DMG
  • Deadly Strike - needed for BRUTAL (mythics affix)
  • Defensive
  • Dodge - your only life line. plus, you need this to work with your PATHFINDER (set affix)


  • Bombard - Let it fall! you can choose any. or you may not add one to your MH
  • Nova - explosion that causes 100% elemental crit. For 100% elemental critical
  • Brutal - x3 critical damage for deadly strike. Literally Brutal. LOL
  • Energy - mana resource! works well with special skills
  • Empyrean - works with NOVA additional 50% dmg when you cause an elemental crit.


  • Aftermath - for quick proc casting. almost like spamming shatter
  • Momentum - great combination with adventure + a lot of movespeed (legend affix)
  • Adventurer - a must whenever you have momentum
  • Pathfinder - combination with DODGE (crystal affix). means more DODGE = more DMG
  • Maelstrom - damage multiplier for proc skills! works pretty good with Mayhem (set affix) :smile:
  • Mayhem - +%damage for EACH SPELL PROC you trigger. More proc! means more damage! and stun bonuses! how good was that!:+1:
  • Terrashaper :+1: - +37.5% cast of earthshatter for every hit and attack! (since this build has a lot of proc affixes and means of attack, then earthshatter will almost occur every hit). You can also replace it with different elemental set affixes like inferno, plagued or permafrost if you want to go for a specific elemental build since we already have an earthshatter proc (legend affix)

LEGEND AFFIXES and MythStones:

  • +% Element Damage - x3 - damage multiplier
  • +% Elemental Critical - damage multiplier
  • Move Speed - x2 - damage multiplier (should always be maxed out when you have momentum & adventurer)
  • Glasscannon - x2 - (this build doesnt need hp, better exchange it for damage)
  • Ignore Resist - a must!
  • +% Weapon Damage - for better base damage
  • +2 sets - x2 a must!
  • +5 skills - more powerful set of skills
  • +5 talents - boost damage!
  • Meteor Proc - most important proc, if you dont have any meteor skill :ok_hand:
  • Twister Proc
  • Earthshatter Proc
  • Torrent Proc


  • Focus - +% weapon DMG
  • Amplify - +%DMG for each element effect on enemies- (your farmer should have another element :+1:)
  • Magnify - for wider area of effect - good for skills like meteor, storm and torrent :+1:
  • Empower - we really dont need hp. might exchange it for power (greedy :smiling_imp:)


I have only one nature and that is “Elements”. Total of +30% Elemental Damage


Twister/Meteor/Storm - 20 each
Dexterity - 20 for +dodge(pathfinder and defense) and +move speed (dmg multiplier)
Shatter - remaining 20


Set command was for second skill and shatter only. Anyway, the trick for this built was to use shatter or the main hands special skill, then use shatter again, repeat. Shatter will reset every skill because of the high casting and proc for meteor :facepunch:


**Instant annihilation (will take you less than 1-2 secs from normal mobs to myth boss ***M3 - FLOOR 750++ *) :muscle:


almost no defense. can die instantly when dodge didn’t trigger on maps with tnt and skyfall affix (and falling mobs. lol). *just revive it, im sure you have lots of money before you get to have this build

SKILLS STATS when adventure is triggered

to be continued…

So here’s the updated video with myth boss spawn as of June 28, 2016
*Note: there was a minor revision with the weapon with this updated video

Okay. so here is the build update and video:
Actually not much were replaced. Just made a new equipment so i can re-equip back the old when i got bored. This update just shows what its like to have more +proc chances. The damage decreases because dodge and +5skills were replaced.

Old Affix ----> New

  • DODGE[crystal affix] --> CRUSHING BLOW[crystal affix]
  • +5 skills [Elixer Myth] --> +PROC [Master Myth]

I really like how the whole screen is in chaos and monsters dying everywhere :smiley:

Same here lol :laughing: . So much better than me making a Fire shock version of an aftermath wizard. The enemies were so helpless agaisnt mayhem/malestrom of your build @darellleyesa . I didn’t even think of this lol :wink: . Silly me.

I am testing the classes to try and make the ultimate fire or fire with shock build. I had really good time with it but survival was a big issue so i’m trying to make it a good balance between the two. Empyrean Ftw though :smile:

Also long time no see @darellleyesa . Good to meet you again after a month of me not playing DQ. Just got back into it and already having so much fun! :blush:

Like it too. Always like the fast kill build

Thanks man. Came back last week. Tried this new mix of sets (maelstrom/mayhem) and i think it was as efficient as aftermath only built.

And by the way, this built has also survival issues with it since it is mostly a pure offense built. I like combining empyrean with nova

Same here :wink:

I can’t watch the video, sorry bad internet connection. Yes, that was a good combination but you have to put identity set to increase your damage since it is an aftermath build. Just a suggestion, if you already have Identity then your all set. Congrats.

You mean Identity because it uses procs from other classes such as torrent for eg. Aftermath is for speed wise in the build though and damage but I think I see where you’re coming from because taunt and fear could be enhanced I think.

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identity boosts others classes skills right? so not a good add for the set :smile:

Thanks for the advice though

correct, aftermath is for speed casting + very high probability for proc. skills to trigger. so if you can proc those skills fast and attack fast. mayhem will trigger. +terrashaper can cast from any attack :smile:

the main damage comes from twister,meteor and earthshatter. so you don’t need to increase other class skills like taunt, fear or torrent.

Okay, you’re all set then.

well, thanks!

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Can’t wait for you to finish and show us your build. Looking forward to it :wink:

I think I’m almost done with it. Just still waiting for the perfect drop/loot pet. and one specific eternal hat.

The stats were all mentioned above, but if you want. ill pm you the complete build on an excel file. (lazy to take screen shots. lol)

and btw, most of the stats were not yet perfect. (maybe will add a few million in DMG if perfected)

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Sure. Inspiration is always nice.

:+1: alright. ill try to make it soon, then send it right away

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Hi darellleyesa . im looking forward to this build , i always view this thread to see if it is already finished . nice build , goodjob and godbless

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wow. thanks. i think it is done.

you can ask me anything if you have question(s).

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i Love aftermath , but when i try to do this build i always end it fail … When i set it in to hireling , the casting of spell of my wiz is so slow . idk why he stock up in one place for 1-2 seconds before attacking mobs . But when saw the vid you upload , your wizard hireling is kinda quicky … he always skill and skill and skill . whats the secret in that :smiley: Lol :blush:

can you send me the setting of your hireling? and do you have a +set affixes?

my hireling does cast skills fast because of the meteor proc., when it shatters and the meteor proc triggers, then it can cast shatter again. thats one of the key for aftermath (i mentioned it above. meteor proc must be a must)

And as for the hireling setup. there are only two skills set. and shatter is set to a really far distance