Pve main hand mythic

I recently aquired a glinting hammer that i transfered over to wizard, upgradeing my dust farm build set up. But i want to put a mythic on the main hand weapon. My game play more or less looks like me spamming tornados every where and teleporting and watching my enemies get vaporized, but i want something to help deal with epic enemies like cartographers and mythic bosses. Any sugestions?

Earthquake with Teleport is good. Cosmic Orb following Twisters for more damage. Bombard would work with both. Rockblast that has knock back. you might want to read the descriptions for the MH Myhtics and see which one would work best with your build.

or use a Twister Proc, for an extra Twister for more DPS. the cool thing is that you already have Skill points for Twister, so you have an extra one 25% of the time for more DPS, and don’t need Skill points for another skill.


Please see link below where I attempt to explain your observation. Happy gaming and welcome.