(PVE) Most funny WIZARD 3.0 One-Punch build (with a question)

@Golem Do you think it is worth it trying to max out amulet’s “Specialist” from 24.7% to 25% as I’ll probably lose for a big while the maxed out 25% Blinkstrike Proc?


I think if you don’t have the Ruby’s for the Blink Strike, and are willing to wait until you do, and really want the Specialist +25%, go for it. otherwise, better to wait until you can have both maxed.

then there is which one will benefit your Build in the short term if only one is at +25%.

and then you have to remember, Specialist has a 1 second delay after you cast your Special, and Blink Strike Proc Proc’s when you cast your spell… if it Proc’s.


1 second delay? That’s why I have that rarely the super-duper six jumps with one cast… but it’s really worth it seeing your wizard crossing half the map only with one spell.


Elements Set, Mirrorcast & Specialist affixes, all have a 1 second delay.

Clearcast affix doesn’t have a 1 second delay, but has a 0.5 second cooldown.

there are some posts on builds that use 2 or more of these, with or without Proc’s, for lots of attacks.


Storm proc is working pretty well, I got into floor 1800+ with ease. Here’s the full build again (amulet is not updated though: I already maxed out Dodge and switched nature to Haste):

[Luck affix on the orb could be replaced by Clearcast +25% and the staff will get All Procs +10% instead, for a total of +30%; I don’t see any better ideas for immediate improvement. At the moment it’s like it is because of the possibility to switch to a more farming build.]

Staff spells are overridden by “Scoundrel”, which gives “Blink Strike” special skill. [Maxing out CB is not really mandatory.]


it might not be worth putting a third All Proc on your Build. with Epiphany (5), the Cap only goes up to +22.5%. or you could keep it on until you get the Ruby’s to get your Proc’s with max values, and then replace it with something else.


Oh… I didn’t know the cap was so low… Too late, I already did it :sweat_smile:
Any better idea, anyways? I feel like there isn’t much else I could put there…

Btw cap is 25%… Which isn’t that bad at all

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lol, I did the math based on 10% instead of 20%, shows that I’m really paying attention. that +5% added to the cap would really be worth it… now that I think about it, I wondered about some Builds with +25% All Proc awhile ago when I was thinking of some nice Proc Builds.


With some easy “switcheroo” I managed to max out Earthshatter and Stealth procs without much effort (a bit of luck with the Ruby), here are the updated items:

And here’s the updated amulet too (I don’t think it’s worth it to max out “Specialist” until I get a lot of rubies so to have again Blinkstrike maxed as well):


Oh, by the way, an answer to my own original question: numbers seem to confirm that the effectiveness of CB is exactly

  • 100% for normal and magic enemies (that is, full 25% and 100% with CF(6) which is x4)
  • 50% for rare enemies (thus 50% of 25%, i.e. 12.5%, with normal CB)
  • 25% for epic enemies
  • 12.5% for legend enemies
  • 6.25% for mythic enemies

Each level is half of the effectiveness of the previous one. This doesn’t mean it takes twice the time, but actually it needs a lot more because at lower HP the effectiveness drastically decreases.

An example: while a magic enemy gets one-shotted with CF(6), a rare enemy will only lose half of its HP each time and - until you are capable to deal the remaining half with another effect - CB won’t be able to kill it at all.


you can’t one shot Magic+ Tier enemies even with Crushing Flames (8).

and there was a recent Patch that causes Crushing Flames (6) to lower Normal (Grey) enemies HP to 1 instead of instant kill, because of how it was being used with Frozen Set to get big damage kills in monster packs. since it leaves only 1 HP, it will still look like an instant kill, but just can’t be used with Frozen. from what I understand, you just need to use Crushing Flames (5) and Frozen Set as a combo now.

great idea for your Amulet. I have made that mistake lots of times, and end up spending even more Crystals than I originally intended.


you can’t one shot Magic+ Tier enemies even with Crushing Flames (8).

I’m pretty sure my build DOES one-shot magic ones with CF(6), of course in the sense that I have to give a small final blow because they are left to few HP, same as normal enemies. This means that CB deals approximately 100% (25%x4) of their health, same as in my formula.

in that sense, sort of.

for normal monsters, you do 25% of it’s current HP in damage. with CF (6) making it +300%, or 4x .25 = 100% of current damage. the recent nerf only lowers the HP to 1 HP in this case, now. technically, it doesn’t one shot Normal monsters, but since there is only 1 HP left, it’s basically a one-two punch knock out.

for Magic monsters, it’s .25 x .25 = 0.0625 x 4 (+300% CF) = 0.25, or 25% of current damage. CF (8) gets it up to 37.5% of current damage.

looking at the video above, this build is doing a lot of damage to the HP left for Magic+ monsters after CF, so it is a good fast killing build. and the high CB % helps lower the HP fast also.

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I repeat that in reality magic monsters get the same damage as normal ones from CB, i.e. a little less than full HP with CF(6). There is no other possible way that this build deals billions of damage without CB (it hardly reaches 1M).

Checking all the numbers, there are actually two formulas: the quoted formula 25%^level becomes 100%^level (so 100% always) with CF(6) (that is, +300%=x4 applies to every instance of .25 becoming a plain 1^level=1), and they probably put a secondary cap on that (50%^(level-1)) which is what I see ingame:

  • 50% for rare enemies
  • 25% for epic ones
  • 12.5% for legend ones
  • 6.25% for mythic ones
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Some feedback for the build after getting to floor 1900:

  • yep, 300 floors in a few days, it didn’t took that much with this build, you just buy the map reveal then jump quickly to the Cartographer and slay him;
  • positively impressed by the usefulness of Storm Proc, it makes killing the Cartographer a matter of seconds with just CB (which is 25% HP on epic enemies with CF(6) as explained above) and a small final blow if you manage to continuously make it rain on him;
  • very funny to play overall, and its effectiveness is almost independent from the floor level;
  • never had to rebuy the third time within all this (but sometimes I did need the two free respawns).

Storm is pretty handy. the only thing I didn’t like about it is the Knockback it has. I just used Ice Element and a few Frostbiting. Storm 40 is 1800% Skill Damage with an Attack Frequency of 8x a second. with it’s Elemental Crit Boost, enemies stayed Freezed and didn’t get Knockback until dead, except some Epic monsters and Legend+ were kind of hard. used Taunt to get enemies inside the range of the Storm.

this was on a Farm Build, so I usually stayed around floor 500. I thought of using Torrent and/or Orb Procs for even more DPS for a Floor Climbing Build.


True, knockback is very annoying sometimes, but usually with this build enemies are either killed at the first hit or pushed towards the unpathable terrain and get stuck or caught between two storms cast during two consecutive jumps.


Floor 2000 reached and now I’m getting bored. Time for some new stuff: