(PVE) Most funny WIZARD 3.0 One-Punch build (with a question)

I’m still working on perfectioning items but the core is already there:
1x Epiphany
2x Crushing Flames
1x Scoundrel
1x Elements (on pet)
75% clearcast
75% dodge
45% block (now only 15) on an ORB (thus with teleport/shatter abilities)
High attack speed
High SPECIALIST/MIRRORCAST (to be improved)
One MASTER mythstone for more procs
Mythics: Enigma, Earthquake, Sanctuary
Talents: wizardry, magnify, mastery
Additional procs can be useful (stealth/earthshatter)

you just keep jumping around one-shotting everything; the few hits you receive end up mostly dodged and occasionally proc Sanctuary, but you evade almost everything by jumping with shatter/teleport/blinkstrike; Enigma/Mirrorcast/Specialist makes you jump even better and you can cover an entire map in few seconds; the build works at any level.

Actually, I don’t one-shot rare+ monsters, I wonder how does it work… is anybody able to tell me the formula for crushing blow modified by “crushing flames”?


Improved MH, now it only needs maximized affixes:

[Edit: I noticed that I haven’t change the nature yet… ofc something like haste/evasion is better boosting the main stats.]

No one still could answer my question… does anybody know the formula for modified crushing blow (by crushing flames set affix) on rare+ enemies?

#On crushing blow normal without crushing flames:

25% on normal enemies.
6.25% on magic enemies. (25%^2)
1.5625% on rare enemies. (25%^3)
Epic enemies is 0.390625%. (25%^4)
Legend enemies is 0.09765625% crushing blow. (25%^5)
Mythic enemies is : 0.0244140625% crushing blow. (25%^6)

This is without crushing flames (5). The crushing blow formula is that for every higher rarity, you do 0.25×0.25 . This means 25%×25% . If you square 25% , it is halved. If you cube 25%, it is halved again. Basically at epic enemies 25^4, legend enemies 25%^5 and 25%^6 on mythic enemies.

At least that’s what the formula was suggesting before the codex changed the writing but it should be true.

With crushing flames. If you have crushing flames (5) , you increase crushing blow by 250% on Immolate or 25%×(1+250%)= 87.5% crushing blow or something along the lines. I mean normal enemies do appear with no visible HP when crushing blow and crushing flames takes place.

#Crushing blow + Crushing flames (5) :

On normal enemies: 87.5% Crushing Blow on crushing flames.
Magic enemies: 87.5%^2 = 76.5625% Crushing blow.
Rare enemies: 87.5%^3= 66.9921875 % crushing blow
Epic enemies: 87.5%^4 = 58.6181640625% crushing blow.
Legend enemies: 87.5%^5= 51.2908935547% crushing blow.
Mythic enemies: 87.5%^6= 44.8795318604% crushing blow.

I could of course be wrong and it ends up as 62.5% crushing blow instead.

In which case. Crushing flames (5)+ crushing blow if calculation was different aka 25%×250% instead of 25%×(1+250%) .

Normal enemies: 62.5%
Magic enemies: 62.5%^2= 39.0625% crushing blow.
Rare enemies: 62.5%^3= 24.4140625% crushing blow
Epic enemies: 62.5%^4= 15.2587890625% crushing blow.
Legend enemies: 62.5%^5= 9.5367431641% crushing blow
Mythic enemies: 62.5%^6= 5.9604644775% crushing blow.

Even then, crushing flames is so powerful that it’s basically a must have in high floor climbing. The damage Increase it’s just too good for people. One problem however is that if enemies are immune to Elemental Crits such as Fire such as in some mythic enemies, that benefit gets nullified . Maybe even so in legend enemies too.

But combining crushing flames with things like Frozen turn out very well, plagued and other combinations. Weaken of course helps on the actual damage (not the crushing blow).


Awesome guide

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So the answer to my question is: rare+ enemies are immune to elemental crits thus also to crushing flames (6) and they don’t get oneshotted for this reason?

Nope. It’s only mythic enemies. I haven’t heard or seen of rare enemies immune to elemental Crits. It’s usually boss like mobs of legend or mythic rarity. Mostly mythic and hardly legend.

Then you didn’t answer my question: why can’t I one-shot Rare and Epic enemies with my build?

I knew all the formulas you brought, and that’s exactly why I wondered where is the problem here.

Is it because you don’t dealt enough DMG? What floor you’re on? Also if you’re in low floor and have more than capable DMG to one shot them and not one shotting them, it’s because crushing blow can sometimes stop your attack from actually one shotting on Low Hp enemies that have less HP than your DMG and DPS.

For eg, you can have 4 HP enemy but somehow crushing blow stops you from instantly killing them for a split second . Or in floor 200 where you deal 1 billion damage but you deal 45 million damage because of Crushing blow and not instantly killing the enemy whereas without Crushing blow , you can instantly kill any rarity enemy with billion damage at floor 200.

This build has NO DAMAGE so I ALWAYS deal more damage with crushing blow (with the exception of the last killing blow in the case of rare+ enemies, of course, which deals usually like 10k damage.

The crushing blow with Crushing Flames (6) should deal 100% of enemy HP (=one-shotting no matter what) and this happens with normal and magic enemies, but it doesn’t happen anymore with rare and epic ones. There must be some cap to Crushing Blow damage for such enemies. Still, I am fine reducing exponentially their health and can easily finish any map without very bad things like %heal (which I carefully remove with Larimars).

Yeah I think that’s the point.
Or that cap thing…

Also have you tried crushing flames (8). Let me know then… That basically means 400% increased crushing blow. Also seems like the realistic formula for crushing blow Increase by crushing flames is not 1+250% at (5) for eg so I stand corrected.

Crushing flames (8) for the very best results!

(6) means +300%, i.e. 25%->25%x(100%+300%)=25%x4=100%, so it’s oneshot on normal ones.
Don’t know if (8) could be more effective on high tier enemies, I’ll try it, that would be 125% max hp.

It turns out that it isn’t 100% if your rare enemies aren’t one shot.
Turns out my 62.5% crushing blow was more correct and realistic.

But crushing flames (8) could possibly get it 100% then instead of 125% since 125% crushing blow couldn’t make sense.

Well it must be 100%, otherwise I wouldn’t one-shot for billion damage normals & magics when my normal attack deals 10k damage, don’t you think? There must be something going on for rare+ enemies.

So, if it isn’t clear: it is UNDOUBTEDLY 100% for normals and magic.

Wizard 100% Dodge. Fice Ice


How can you get 100% dodge with wizard? :open_mouth:

Btw he is so slow compared to my build! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a clip of my build in action, notice how I jump from one side of the map to the other in a couple of seconds:

I repeat the idea:

  • I completely give up defence for dodge 75%, block 45% and avoiding manually by jumping away from danger;
  • I completely give up damage for 100% crushing blow damage.
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Holy crap that DMG.

100% dodge is easy. 50% dodge and permanently stealth. Also adding smoke bombs and potential epiphany.

Although 100% block different story and 100% dodge manually also different. That damage of his build though. Crushing flames ftw.

Have you equipped crushing flames (8) yet and saw the results?

Cool build. I recommend more farming items as almost all damage comes from crushing blow + flames, you won’t lose too much and also will increases your farming capabilities.
I have one too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL1gPNi1oYo&t=5s, but only use on low floors (600-) because epic+ monsters are a pain above them.

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