PvE Orb Manashield Wizard - Feedback please

Any advices to optimize my build? I am aware that I do not have many crystal affixes on them. But I also do not see the use for my build outside of maybe 75% MP… Might be wrong, would like to read your guys’ feedback.
Thank you in advance ~

How long y play DQ buddy.?

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Oh WTF,nadroji robe, rare weapon + insolance :o

crystal affix: Crit chance, crit damage, dodge, max mp, CD reduce, attack speed.
only that i can help. :slight_smile:

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Put a set affix on it. Should be better :slight_smile:

Does this work on a hireling or only when self-controlled? I notice it has Hunter on the ring. And how far have you taken it? The ability to make this set without top level crystals is very attractive to a new player.