PvE Poisoned Bow

Hi guys. I played DQ for more than a year now (2 years i think) but I am still not good in crafting builds. Anyways, I tried to craft a poison bow build for PvE, but I feel something’s lacking. So guys I am asking for a guide on how to make my build better.

Set affixes:

  • Angelic
  • Demonic
  • Plagued
  • Defiant
  • Deadly Strike (Just for damage reduction)
  • Adventurer
  • Momentum (My only good pet others are slimes)

Crystal Affixes:

  • 45% crit chance
  • 45% attack speed
  • 90% weaken
  • 30% deadly strike
  • 225% crit damage
  • 30% dodge


  • Cosmicorb
  • Skilled
  • Effective

Legend Affixes:

  • 2x 15% move speed
  • 30% elemental critical
  • 200% weapon damage (Bow)
  • 100% poison damage


  • 2x attack speed (for epiphany bonus)
  • 2x clearcast (for haunting bonus)
  • 2x +2 sets

Epic affixes:

  • 2x 10 guidedshot
  • 6x +5000 Poison damage
  • 5000 weapon damage (bow)
  • 10% bleed chance
  • 75% crit damage
  • 20% poison damage
  • 7500 hp

Nature all elements


  • Relentless
  • Fletcher
  • Propulsion
  • Deadeye

P.S if you can make this as a PvP build I would appreciate it

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Check @Mr_Scooty immortal gift guide to start :wink:

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Nah Rogues are bad for immortal builds so nah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Try making an apocalypse bow. You not only have 3 summons to fight with you and act as a meatshield but ( ssshh a secret) any elemental damage and critical affixes on your gear are applied to your summoned monsters


Apocalypse, huh? I never seen people using it before but thanks for the tip.

Deadly strike, crushing blow etc are all added to summons attacks. The build is very basic so don’t take all the items as finished

Chakram rogue https://youtu.be/ewiXWMiKVfY


quite nc build you got there

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Cheers it’s not finished and needs a lot of work on it

Good luck on that then! :smile:

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Sets: Deadly Arts (you wrote Deadly Strike) wont help you at higher floors, monsters end up doing enough damage to make damage reduction useless. maybe Pathfinder to make use of your Dodge%?

Legend: add one Elemental Critical Damage (Blight). it will increase damage of Toxic up to +100% for each Blight you have.

Epic: take out the +10% bleed chance and +20% poison damage, they wont help you enough. or take out the +20% poison damage, and 2 +5,000 poison damage, and put in a Blight (Legend) and 2 more bleed chance. you will be making a lot more damage than you lose. or take out those 3, and go for 3 Blights, that will be +300% damage for Toxic, your damage will skyrocket, or 2 Toxic and 30% more weaken, so you have weaken automatically every hit. I don’t think a poison build like this really needs bleed. all that poison DoT.

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tnx for the advise :slight_smile:

no problem. a lot of what I know is trial and error with my own builds, and what I have read in the Forums. those +20% ED might be better than the +5,000 ED if you have a bunch of stat points in Power and your Character is at high enough level. the Flat ED is usually used for PVP, as it is better than the % affixes. and later, when you get better at Crafting, you could find 1 or 2 items with the 100% ED to replace all of the +20% ED’s. that will open up space on your gears for other affixes for better damage or defense. I have a 45% Crystal Block on my OH, and with my Dodge, my survivability went up a lot. the % WD and % ED can’t be rolled with Ruby, so you need to find items with them to use them. Crystal Block can be rolled with Obsidian on OH, or found on some Warrior items and Jaspered to Rogue.


I don’t think so?:sweat_smile: