Current floor:460
Meteor build
Weapon: {arc)-mythical
Cosmic power
Crit dmg
Frozen resist
Multi attacks
Twister proc

Manashield: mp on hit eternal
+All arch mage
Total mp
+Attack speed

Armor: crystal cererbal vortex
All ressist
All elem
Push the limit
Resource cost
Helm legend:crushing flames
Clearcast myth
Fire dmg%
Fire dmg+

All elementalist
At sp
Fire dmg%

Ring eternal:aftermath
All sets
Meteor proc
Aoe range
Fire dmg+

Advice/help getting hard already at floor 460-500
A lot of deaths not easy to pass the floor.i dont have problem to change special skill or type of the mage like summoner etc but i prefer the meteor mage and better the attomic bomb mage(proc mage)
Thank you


Looks like you need some defense. Surviving high floors is all about avoiding enemies. Dodge and or block is important.


Ok,which is the way to achieve that?

All Heroes start with +10% Dodge.
Dexterity 20 gives another +10% Dodge.
Crystal +30% Dodge.
your choice of Epic +10% Dodge or 2 Legend Dexterity +10 For another +10% Dodge (Dexterity also gives movement speed and cool down).
this will put you at Cap +60% Dodge.

Sanctuary Mythic on Necklace is an option. every time you get killed it saves you with 10% HP and 1 second immunity to damage, it has a 30 second cool down until it can save you again.

putting Crystal +45% Block on your OH.

Meteor has a faster cool down than Twister, so have Twister Special with Meteor Proc. the benefit for this is Twister will Taunt enemies into the Twister, so when you Proc a Meteor, it’ll hit more enemies trapped in the Twister. plus, Meteor doesn’t have to wait for Twister to finish it’s cool down. hmm, I see you are using Aftermath, so keeping Meteor special is a better fit.

since you are using Aftermath, change Arc to Earthquake Mythic. it’s a good defense against teleporting and fast enemies, and a good trap since you are moving around a lot with Shatter.

like DJC said, on higher floors, Armor, All Resist, and Damage reduction become less effective, and monsters get tougher and do more damage. this is why Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, Crowd Control effects, and any kind of moving around is better. or killing monsters before they attack you…

get +60% Cool Down. Attack Speed will only help Comet.

@Xastoukis welcome to DQ Forums!


Thank you m8 for welcoming
I dont use aftermath i change it after all because i found stronger items.
I need more help if you have time to tell me about.
First i change only the mithical in weapon?
Also if you have any build to advice me i am open to build it
Thank you for your time!

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any +5000 Fire Damage can be replaced with some other affix that is better, unless your Power Stat is 30ish or lower.

you don’t need Frozen Resist, unless you really want it in PVP. replace with Epic +100% Weapon Damage. this change will work better with a Power Stat of 40 or better. or find a MH Weapon you like that has a Legend +200% Weapon Damage.

Multi attack only works on MH Primary Skills (like Comet) unless using the Discordance Mythic.

for new players, high Critical Chance and Critical Damage will help a lot. if you have space, +20% Deadly Strike or better can give really good spike damage.

for a Fire Build, these Natures work great: Sorcery 20 (+100% Fire DoT damage), Wizardry 20 (+20% Elemental Crit) or Amplify 20 (+40% Damage when enemy is effected by Fire DoT) (Amplify if you have Immolate or Elemental Crit), Magnify 20 (+4 Yard AoE), Fester 20 (Fire DoT last another second and is 1.5 DoT a second… so 4.5 Fire DoT in 3 seconds vs. 2 Fire DoT in 2 seconds)

the reason Sorcery is better for this is that Immolate Damage is based on the higher Fire DoT damage.

with all the Clearcast, getting the Rogue Ring with the Haunting Bonus will give you +100% damage.

these are just some ideas. as you play, you might come up with or discover better ideas.


Thank you atm i have build that i can reach 10m dmg but is useless because i cant pass any floor
So i keep using my 1.5m dmg build
Thats why i ask for help because i think maximum is for 500floor my build
Also for the natures of my build
I have sor,prismatic,magnificy,mag

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New weapon,i dont know how to thank you big diff
I clear the floor easy although it look like i have less dmg now


I like to read, so I read a lot of Posts & Thread, which helped me a lot. plus, I also played a lot, which meant I read the Codex a lot.

% damage type affixes work better on PVE builds, while + damage affixes work better in PVP builds.

you should choose between Prismatic Talent or Ascendant Set. for Wizards, one or the other. they do basically the same thing, although Ascendant gives a little extra, so up to you with either one, using Amplify Talent is important. Amplify 20 give +40% damage for each element DoT on an enemy. Poison DoT lasts 8 seconds, Fire 2 seconds, and Ice, Shock, and Arcane all last 5 seconds. so an enemy with all 5 DoT’s on them take +200% damage.

another thing. all enemies on a Map take -650% less damage from weapon with the same element. using an Ice element weapon on an Ice Map. opposite elements - Ice/Fire, Poison/Shock - do +25% Effective damage. using Fire Weapon on an Ice Map. Legend Ignore Resist ignores these resists, including Greatly Resist Element and Immune to Map Element. Weaken affix is a damage bonus after element resist or immunities are calculated. Ignore Resist does not work with Weaken or Effective Mythic. no monsters are resistant or immune to Arcane Element, but may be Greatly Resistant to Arcane Element. Effective Mythic makes all 5 elements effective (+25% damage) on all maps.

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you should change the +5000 Fire to +100% Weapon damage, unless you need the +5000 Fire for both weapons.

the Blistering causes enemies who are Immolated to Bleed. Bleed does the same damage as the attack that caused it every round for 10 rounds. the Blistering on the Staff is x1.897 Bleed damage based on the damage done by Immolate.

just so you know, the Damage DoT’s (Fire, Poison, and Bleed) only do one DoT each based on the highest damage done. when DoT is done, DoT is based on the highest damage done then. you can have one each of Fire, Poison, and Bleed DoT causing damage at the same time. but not 2 Fire or 2 Bleed DoT’s at the same time.

This is my current build now
And this is my storage

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So i change in my weapon the bleed dmg with dmg weapon and what else?

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Welcome to the. Community

Tho I can’t help you because I’m only on floor 100

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no, Blistering causes bleed when you cause Immolate, so don’t change that. just change +5000 Fire Damage to +100% Weapon damage. with this and your +95.7% Fire damage on the Wildfire, you don’t really need any of the +5000 Fire Damage on any of the other Items, plus, the earthquake damage will go up. you can’t change affixes on Eternal Items.

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