Pvp advice against cerebral vortex and torrent in arena


Cerebral vortex procs torrents against an hit. Its annoying. And can be deadly if you dont run around the torrents quick enough. Direct attacks mean torrents come for you. Indirect attacks (eg traps , summons) then the torrents go for traps or summons etc.


Well that basically finishes this guide :slight_smile:


either enough movement to get out of the way of Torrents before they close in on you, or Teleport, Vault, or something else to jump out of the coming Torrents of Death. my Wizard Teleports around while trying to be close enough to still damage the cowardly Vortex user. :face_with_head_bandage:

or have Vortex, so when you get hit by Vortex, you have a chance to send your own Vortex back at them. :smiling_imp:


Teleport and vault sounds good. But you waste an attack or maybe its worth loosing an attack for an escape. Im still recrafting my builds . Im dropping the druidic amulets and looking for better. Haunting is one option (eternal) :wink:


well, the trick, is when jumping out of the way of Torrents, you jump in a direction that is still close enough to hit with ranged attacks or whatever you can hit them with. some Torrent builds have a high Vortex defense rate so there are sometimes a lot of Torrents to get around. I have had to get around 3 sets of Torrents in a few battles.


if you see the torrent just run or jump… but if you have a descent build you can face the torrent or vortex and can’t harm you or kill you…


@D_MESSIAH @dickwad @Golem well. i’d rather DIE on CV/Torrents than DIE in the hands of my Opponent. :eyes: LMAO!


I’ve stripped down my characters AI main direct attack skills to use “Normally”. With a short range too so I can do more damage before the vortex arrive