PVP arena annoying ppl

Battle Arena Should be Only Online Because people setting AI on the spawn spamming attack especcialy rogue so it is hard to get through them while its 1 shooted always so they should be banned or change arena to online only

if they were online, they would probably still spam the skill. lol

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So i dont know what can be done to it maybe remove ppl from it or something because its really really annoying

each player come with their strategy to win… all u need is strategy to beat them. easy.

yea so how you want to do it when you coming to them with their range and getting stun/frozen / or 1hko?

You are going to have to find a way to beat it. That is just the way it is.

One of the problems with finding a way to beat it is you don’t face it in the Practice Arena. All the “AI” in the Practice Area are just move forward lushes. You are going to have to fight and lose points until you find a way. It takes time, a lot of losses, a lot of point loss, and hope the next patch will make some changes to the good.

Good Luck.

im mythic alrd and lose a lot of places to get eternal bc i have a enemy who spam the skill and i cant kill it;/ ok btw what i get after converting 20 legend chests?

Trust me, I already went through exactly what you are going through. It’s frustrating but the game rewards people who build Defensive Sets then simply logs them out. I know it doesn’t make sense in a “PVP” type environment, but that is just the way it is. Let’s just hope the new patch brings good things.

I can’t answer the Legends Chests. I’ve only cashed in the 20 Orange and didn’t experiment with the Legends. Sorry…

ok i readed it will be eternal chest but 400 orange for 1 eternal isnt good thing so i just taken 340 and converting them to legends;d and got 1 trophy legend with gladiator set:D

Stun immune
Frozen immune

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Good builds :wink:

I chose not to pin my hopes to drops that may or may not come. I developed a build and just grinded it out testing it in the actual Battle Arena (Not the Practice) and now I’m pretty much solid. Netting 10+ win streaks pretty frequent. You just have to be stubborn and refuse to give up.

The bottom line: All the top players have some sort of Guideshot Spam that they log in for their “AI”.

Learn to beat that, and you will be Eternal.