Pvp build (almost finish my idea)

To all who help me answering my question
Kindly please help me last :laughing::laughing::laughing: i totaly finish the idea. I need one last suggestion from all of you :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: thanks

Here is the not totally finish build
Share to all players who wants to use a tank type warrior for reaching top rank :laughing::laughing: btw i use lilith pet

@Athena add vamparic touch… (if ur a charge type or whirlwind ai toon build use terashaper on pet) also u need atleast 40-80% perseverance on pvp(if ur main dps comes from oh skill remove wep.dmg on mh wep)

just a suggestion ( u can try hp on hit instead of all resist affix then add reflec dmg legend affix) if ur full hp stat use 2x hp on hit myth

u can als remove 2x5000 armor so that u can put both hp10000 and 5000Ed on ur 2 gear(or use the slot affix to put some perseverance)

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500HP hit instead 750 all resist
Then what affix i will remove to put 2x hp hit and reflect dmg my pet is lilith

@Athena if ur out of crystals for now just stick to allresist since hp on hit build will also eat lots of slot affix… sorry i forgot to read u use lilith (vampatic touch) u can try add terrashaper (earthshatter proc deals great dmg in pvp) or add overload affix(great counter to blink rogue that has no blind immune) just remove 5000 armor add perseverance 1-2x and ur good to go
living force (for more dps on toss and cosmic orb) though it reduce the max range travel of ur toss

@roykiyoy i dont like to used whirlwind in battle charge and scalp only toss ssometimes haha :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: i have no secret all i have is for all players

@Athena what i meant was charge/whirlwind type ai toon. (players will mostlikely will have hard time facing tanky ai toon that keeps charging w/ terrashaper and cosmic orb build)

when ur using ur toon u use charge and toss and scalp
then set ur ai setting to charge to max yard and always use… then scalp on 8-15 yards

lol also i forgot to add try living force really good on toss and cosmic orb

@roykiyoy i think i have enough crystal to craft :laughing::laughing: i need to finish the idea first before i craft to avoid wasting lot of crystal :laughing::laughing:

About overload i use that aset affix it iss very usefull to reach eternal league but in top10 rank i think 90% of players use blind immune because of dominating warrior who use charge and vanish :laughing::laughing: correct me if i wrong

How about the new sets? Haunting ?? Good combination to this ??? Or not ??

@roykiyoy my current pvp set use living force :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: thats why i posted to know all your suggestion of what is very usefull terrashapper or living force :laughing::laughing::laughing:

@Athena hmm for now i cant give u idea about haunting since i took a break from the game and just return and update my dq today :smile: i havent yet tried haunting :stuck_out_tongue:

all resist is good (since fauns gift and cerebral vortex inc resist) but if u wna test hp on hit (just add 1xcrystal hp on hit affix and add legend affix reflec dmg(proc hp on hit when ur being hit and reflect dmg proc)

ya mostly use blind/stun/frozen immmune in top league (about haunting warrior already had fear proc talent though)

honestly using a tank type warrior against a tank type warrior really take time to win… it would be wiser to draw first to inc ur dmg output

hmm if u spam toss 80% of the time then living force is better… if u spam charge mostly and like to do closecombat then terrashaper is better

@roykiyoy Playstile :laughing::laughing:
FURY - use charge until have resource to cast scalp with a chance to cast cosmicorb then charge out to cosmicorb toss while waiting to upcoming ai toon :laughing::laughing:
ENERGY- waiting till have resource to cast scalp chance to cast cosmicorb :laughing::laughing: then charge walk charge walk scalp if facing the ai toon i use toss toss toss with effective praying to cast cosmic orb :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

About haunting i didnt know why they didnt cast on charge and toss

@Athena if u use ur fury playstyle then terrashaper is better if u use ur energy playstyle w/c u spam toss then living force is good.

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@roykiyoy Thanksfor helping :blush::blush::blush: now the ??? Set affix from my idea above is depend on resource i will use

About haunting ??? Why didnt cast fear on charge and toss ??? Or i mistaken only the definition ???


Back to idea build you say it is good to have 2x45% Block

2x45% Block = 90% Block
In pve 60% caps of block ( just correct me if im wrong ) i dont know the caps in pvp

Compare to this
1x45%Block + shield with 10% Block =55% Block near to the cap 60% if im right

About talent salvation =reduce dmg by 1% of block
Which is usefull

almost same with my current build :smile:

@Athena this build w/c uses block 45%x2 is for pvp… w/ salvation and phalanx talent ull be tankier in pvp… if u go.pve luck and hp% and dodge is better for tanking(though in high floors hp well not help u survive at all) specially on pack maps but if u manage to achieve 15m+ hp ul be able to atleast tank some few hits…

about haunting affix im not too sure but it says in definition that if the cd of skill is 5sec or over (maybe skils w/ 5sec + more cd will proc fear)

@Eater too many warriors now on the league :smiley:

Remove shock damage% as well as block use 4 crystal affixes of HP 1 of luck and 1 of all resists this will increase your survivability drastically block and elemental damage% are both useless affixes in PvP :smile: :+1:

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I just tested my prototype warrior tho haha you can do it to the top

@Griffin012 did you mean its better to tank with high HP than hoping to the chance of block ??

Yes block is absolute garbage in PvP because of the flawless victory trophy :+1:

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I think your right how about talent salvation ?? Reduce dmg taken by 1% of block?? It is not usefull too ??

About haunting set affix?? What skill can proc this.