PvP - Build Help - Is low tier gear better in PvP?

In making a PvP Build, is it better to use percent based affixes like: +100% Weapon DMG or normal whole number type of affixes: +5000 Weapon DMG?

I’m also thinking, are epic items and below better than legend or eternal in PvP?

Because when I first entered the PvP, the gear gets down graded as well as the stats which I assume is to keep it fair and balanced, so I thought, epic items would be better in this type of field since they are the items you would typically get when you are low level (lvl 20) or low floor. And since the gear is nerfed, the original damage of the items gets lower which pretty much makes you benefit less from % based item affixes. Whole Number Affixes can scale up to around 1000+ when you are lvl 20, while normal % affixes go to around 20% (atleast from what I experience) which is not much. The math behind DQ is probably different which lead to me asking this question.

What do you all think?

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you are correct. the Flat Affixes, like +5000 Fire, do better than Percentage Affixes, like +100% Fire. Items are level 20 in Arena, so % affixes take a huge hit. you could still use % affixes, you just need to test if it is worth it for the Build you are using.

I have used only Epic Affix PVP Builds to get up to Eternal League Division 5ish? before, so it can be done. it’s best to use a Legend Item as a base for all the Epic Affixes, as it’s easier to get your affixes maxed out. my early Builds used Epic Items, and it takes lots more Crystals to get everything maxed out compared to using Legend Items.

as there are Legend Affixes that are good in Arena that can’t be rolled with Crystals, you could use Legend Items for better Builds.


To your first question… no, lower level gear isnt better than high level gear, you should craft the gear as level 100 to maximize affix rolls…

And just to clarify as to why the flat +[elemental damage] is better than the percentage %[elemental damage] is because:
Percentage elemental damage (+100%) is applied based on the base weapon damage AFTER reductions from the enemies Armour stat.
Flat elemental damage (+5000) is applied after armour reductions, so the flat elemental damage can sort of ‘bypass’ the enemies Armour stat.

Both are reduced by elemental Resistance (All Resist) tho.

Sooo the enemy could have infinite armour stats, but if they dont have resistance, they’ll still take damage from the flat +5000 elemental damage.

If you are making a tank build, then be sure to have a lot of armour, but at least some resistance too

Edit: I hope that kind of made sence, you do have to think about it a little :sweat_smile: