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So when i went into pvp today i came in with that attitude that i was going to make it to Eternal,i was almost there and well i’ve lost like 7 matche’s in a row…(i know i suck) So im asking people if you would be nice and tell me a few hints for arena build’s. I like to use Wand’s and i also like Glasscannon and mirror image

If your going for a glasscannon wizard try stacking mana and use manashield for survivability, +5k wd on mh and oh is a must, aswell as + 4 all sets. Try to get at least 5 or 6 5k ed for damage and use push the limit for damage multiplication.

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@Dust Whats wd?

WD=Weapon damage, you can get it using Topaz gem

wow im dumb lol

@SilentKiller thank you,also does the +set mean gear of the same kind like Nadroji set for example?

This should help clear things up for you. Everything below is in PVE terms - I needed to clarify since this is a PVP thread. (The cap for +sets in PVP is 2).

You can have +2 sets from nadroji legend set affix (ring or amulet) or from elixir mythstone. Plus sets is only attainable on ring or amulet /necklace. You cannot roll +2 sets from using Ruby. If you have one nadroji equipped it will become Nadroji(3) with only one +2 sets. If you have one Nadroji and +2 sets on ring & amulet, then it will be Nadroji(5). Eternal nadroji drop also and you can have +4 sets…

Hope that helped out.

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@Mr_Scooty thank’s for the help again

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Hi Boss @Mr_Scooty,

    I have 1 ring and 1 amulet with +2 set each. You mean in pvp it will become +2 instead of +5?

So meaning ill have to use only +2 on my ring and remove 1 on my amulet since the other +2 set affix will be wasted. Is it correct? thanks. :smile:

If you are referring to my PVP comment, no do not do that - please.

If you have +2 sets on ring and amulet and if you only had one set of Momentum, in PVE it would be Momentum (5). In PVP, that same scenario is Momentum(3). The +2 set affix becomes +1 set in PVP and the cap is +2. Hopefully that cleared it up. :smiley: