Pvp Build Improvement Suggestion

Hello Guys im just a newbie in pvp. Any suggestion on my build to improve it. And also how could i get 300k? I see many warrior at pvp at 300k hp while mine is almost at 40k hp. How could i reach that hp. Any suggestion.PhotoGrid_1618214849586|690x477

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I couldn’t figure out how to zoom in on the Items, so I am just going to say that you should do a Search :mag: on Warrior PVP Builds, and check out the ones with lots of Health/HP.

there are Sets, HP Stat, affixes, Skills, and Myth Stones, that in certain combinations, can get you lots of HP/Health.

I was a Noob back in the day, and I did a lot of reading in the DQ Forum and Crafting some PVP Builds. I am still learning, even after many years. there have been some changes recently that has changed many PVP Builds, so many players are Crafting new PVP Builds to stay at the top of the Eternal League.


This is my build i place many sets hp affixes but my hp goes almost at 40k in pvp. Any suggestion to improve my build

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the Legend WD% & ED% should be taken off and replaced with other affixes, probably anything that increases HP and/or Armor. then there are the Sets that can reduce damage taken before it is applied to Armor, like Defiant & Deadly Arts.

since Items are reduced to level 20 Items, not to mention all of the other reductions for PVP, WD% & ED% are less useful than WD+ & ED+, unless you want to spend lots of affix space to make them useful.

other than that, you are off to a good start. I have gotten Epic affix only PVP Builds up to Eternal League, but that was before @Mr_Scooty revealed many Eternal PVP Build secrets, which then got nerfed, so I’m not sure how my Builds are doing, although I am winning a few defense Arena Chests.

really, do a Search :mag: on builds to see what is out there, because as time goes on, and players make new builds to compete and win, a great build now ends up a poor build later. but some things are good for any build.


Thanks for that suggeation. Last question push the limit and barbarian is useful in pvp? My warrior could cast only atleast 3 skill in pvp then my warrior is useless after that. Any tips for that

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Push the Limit increases damage & cost of spells by +50%.

Barbarian increases damage +50% while reducing your resource by -50%.

both of these can’t be rolled with Ruby, so you need to find Items with these affixes on them.

they are useful, but you need to make up for the lack of resources that these affixes take away. either lots more MP & MP Regen & MP Leach/On Hit, or some other Mythic Resource.

my advice is to learn what you can in the Campaign part of DQ while reading up on what you need to know in the Forums about Battle Arena, because some affixes only work good in either PVP or PVE, while others work well in both. this is the route I took, since I don’t really play much in PVP, so I had lots of time to learn. rushing into PVP is a lot like rushing into PVE and then running into walls because of not knowing anything about DQ.