Can some one help me to improve my build ??? Im not satisfied to this build i feel weak with some player

Um… i can’t really help but i have a qeustion…how do you feel weak :no_mouth:

you need a pet that has a luck and crit chance on it then change the obsi luck to crit chance

Bleed type can kill me fast so i will run run run and spam only cosmic orb to kill them but in face to face battle i will lose

You mean i have a total 450% crystal luck on my gear then the other luck is from my pet ??

I only barely see the build kinda hard for me I need to zoom it :smile: if you got a problem at bleed type just for some perseverance :wink:

Perseverance change of what affix ?? 5000 shock dmg ??

yes lessen the dmg for survival rate :smile: or it still depend on you what affix you want you sacrifice.

I try that but lessen dmg i cant kill players in just 30 sec i takes 1-8 rounds before i win

I see some top players warrior have 400k plus HP but for me making 200k plus is enough but my HP is 135k something how can i get the 200k HP ??

check stats and nature and you send me the build picture its hard for me to view it every time i need to zoom it lol