Pvp build

Good day lads!
Can you share some starter or even stable pvp build? Cause I wanna go to arena. (I’m tired of doing offline mode here. :slight_smile: )

@MAHIRAP they seldome share pvp builds today. What char are u planin to use in pvp? I can give u some ideas

Warrior or wiz will do sir :slight_smile:

For wiz refer to that thread.

For warrior : note focus getting 5000ed on every pc of ur gear and add some dmg multiplier like pushlimit and barbarian to achieve decent dmg “pure tank wont help u”

Ok sir roykiyoy. Thanks I’ll gonna try building a set. Thanks for the advice but can you lend me some pictures of those?

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@MAHIRAP pictures of? Sorry i already converted my pvp warrior.gears. just prioritize having 5000ed 4-6x add 1 pushlimit or 1 barbarian to achieve decent dmg. Also add.some persevrance to endure dots. Cosmic orb on mh.vanish on oh wep ruptured chest, sanctuary amulet

For resource system : energy, bloodmagic, fury are.good for.pvp

Ok thanks mr. Wait are you that rogue? On div. 1? Cause you have same name.

@MAHIRAP yup but the ranking always change every few hours cuz der are lots aiming for top spot and its attainable by anyone in div1

Yah I’m gonna be there soon

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