PVP Building Guide for Newbie

I made this guide for newbie and want to go to the arena this is only basics guide for pvp. This is only how i make my combination and testing stage i will share to the community to reach some beginners out there and enjoy the game.

NOTE: this is only guide for building and making some ideas for PVP

This affixes is my personal choice you can add your own choice for better build.

This is only idea for some newbie and wants to enjoy pvp arena

Hope it will help you for making your own builds and ideas for testing

Enjoy :heart_eyes:


For newbies you mean old on PVE, but new on PVP? Cause I think crystal affixes and mythics aren’t a “newbie” material.

yup newbie in ideas in pvp but have decent PVE build. This is only guide for them to create there prefer build and make some test and experiment build this is the enjoying part of DQ testing and experimenting build in your own :heart_eyes: