PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention

Oh stun chance because of the talent (Fustigate)


Check this out​:wink::point_down:

Know you know why i have stuns for days plus electrified bonus😊!

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is this yours? :slight_smile:


@thunderbringer Sir where can I get that back vanity of yours??..

Is from 2015, back vanity for eternal players, i have-hit, i have all vanitys in game btw so… Yup😊!

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Thing with the immortal build is everyone is at it (myself included) so you have to find a gameplay style around the build to prevent long drawn out draws. 1 tip… every round that you draw increases your power. :smiling_imp:

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it is the vanity given to the eternal league players way back in 2015

Sieghart - I put a list together in the link below for players to see those back vanities.

@Mr_Scooty haha thaks :slight_smile: can you recognize my warrior?


Yes I remember you from a few years back. Great warrior. :muscle:

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I Hope there will be a new events of vanity this year.:joy::sweat_smile:

Umm @Mr_Scooty can you help me how to calculate my resistance in pvp please i dont know how to do it:cry::cry::weary: i have 1 obsidian resist 750 and im using spellsword and cerebral vortex exactly alike to your immortal build that you posted im using wizard and the cosmic talent which gives also resistance and im putting my stats all to mana for resistance to please help me please anyone have mercy:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: @Midlumer please…

Based on what you have written I can deduce your following resistance;

  1. Cyan All resist 170 (max PvP)
  2. Cosmic Talent 4x25 all resist = 100
  3. All gears same element / assumed shock element = (50 + 50 trophy) 100 (10 resist each for chest, helmet, ring, amulet and pet) --> edit: this is specific element resist and is additive to all resist total.
  4. All stat MP (wizard only) 20x3 = 60
  5. Total all resist = 170+100+60 or 330 and 100 shock element resist = 100 + 330 or 430
  6. Cerebral Vortex gives 25%/rank or 75% more to all resist
  7. Spellsword gives 20%/rank or 60% more to all resist

Let’s calculate:

  1. 330 (all resist) x 1.75 (CV) x 1.6 (SS) = 924 all resist and shock resist = (100 + 924 or 1024)
  2. Damage reduction due to all resist = 924/(924+2000) or 31.6% damage reduced due to all resist and shock resist = 1024/(1024+2000) or 33.86% damage reduced to shock resistance

I wuvvvvv you 3000 like iron man :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart: @Mr_Scooty thank you very much :sob::sob: i need your help again sorry Sir Scot T_T if dont know how to do the math uhmmm… in pvp stats how much armor would i have if i put all my stats to health and im using a warrior now and im also using the hardened talent which gives armor if you put your stat points to health.

Hoping you could help me again this time :sweat:

just add a 0 to Armor. Crystal All Resist is 750, Crystal Armor is 7500.

although it looks like it does more protection, when you do the calculations with the Formulas for Armor & Resist, the Protection is the same. you could do both Armor & Resist for even more protection, but at the cost of space to do damage.

another thing is, if your Build is All Shock for the Shock Resist, and your enemy in Arena is using any Element but Shock, your lose that 100 Resist. Unity Mythic (on Ring) will make the 100 Resist from Shock be 100 Resist against all Elements. that Epic +400 Element Resist (I don’t know what it is in PVP) would increase your Shock Resist, and with Unity, your Resist against all Elements, even higher, but again, that takes up space for doing damage.

more Defense is less Damage. More Damage is less Defense. finding the Balance for Winning is the Goal.

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How much armor would i get in pvp if i put all my stats to health in warrior??
and also the hardened talent just like @Sir.Lancelot127 said…

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Ask @Mr_Scooty or @Golem

I actually don’t know. :nerd_face:


Only legend knows T_T