PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention


can you recognize me? IGN: Sieghart here :slight_smile: @ZOMBOY


I remember you, your warrior whas strong back in the day😆!


Agree with you @ZOMBOY my rouge is very weak. And im not good at setting ai too😅

@thunderbringer i have seen your ign on division 2 before.


Sorry for asking but in what continent are you?


@ I was at the top 1 for 1 week during that time. haha :smiley:


It whas more then a week ma’boy, my build that time cod not do anything to stop that monster😉!


Last time I visited the rankings I was at the division 3 hahaha


Get back to the top, you belong there :wink:!


Thank you so much @ZOMBOY :slight_smile:


I hope to see you there. @ZOMBOY


I’m on div1 right know😉!


what rank?


I will see…


I’m am Mr.22 rank, my mmr get low af, i had 1750 mmr know i’m whid 1570 :joy::joy:!!


what character are you using right now? @ZOMBOY


Bleed_freako_o😊, he is very easy to kill, just dont get hit by scalp, it can 100% to 0 in 2 seconds😉


Your scalp was too op.


so you’re using warrior? burst damage?


Basicly yes, my scalp on test dummy do 100k+ on rotation an do 100k+ bleed dmg ticking​:joy::joy::joy:!
Moust or the times just toss resolve any problem, toss out range burst dmg builds, scalp is for immo, i have a very very hight stun chance on any ability😉!


Oh stun chance because of the talent (Fustigate)