PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention




Check this out​:wink::point_down:

Know you know why i have stuns for days plus electrified bonus😊!


is this yours? :slight_smile:


@thunderbringer Sir where can I get that back vanity of yours??..


Is from 2015, back vanity for eternal players, i have-hit, i have all vanitys in game btw so… Yup😊!


Thing with the immortal build is everyone is at it (myself included) so you have to find a gameplay style around the build to prevent long drawn out draws. 1 tip… every round that you draw increases your power. :smiling_imp:


it is the vanity given to the eternal league players way back in 2015


Sieghart - I put a list together in the link below for players to see those back vanities.


@Mr_Scooty haha thaks :slight_smile: can you recognize my warrior?


Yes I remember you from a few years back. Great warrior. :muscle:


I Hope there will be a new events of vanity this year.:joy::sweat_smile: