PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention

Yes you already did but I can kill in just 5 Rounds. Not like the Trios it takes me 10 Rounds to kill them.:joy:

@CuzegSpiked for Legend Affix Strength, on a legend gear, you should account for 2 Strength in PvP if your PvE value is 10 (max). You ‘can’ acheive 3 Strength for PvP but it is a very very very tedious process. I have only seen a 3 once and I almost fell in the floor when I saw it.

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Please let me know if you have any clarifications or questions on my 61% Damage Reduction / Prevention example from above @luisfsk

By fixed, do you mean nerfed?

The struggles of a wizard.

is it better to use strength in PVP or not? Better or not? +5000 Armor will become 1400 PVP. +10 Strength I guess will become 3 or 4? But it is still higher value than 1400 Armor Legend Affix.

legend AR = 1200.

10 Strength -> 2 Strength = 1000 AR.

3 Strength is possible but very, very hard to roll.


what do you mean hard to roll sir? If Legend AR is better my build is totally messed :joy:

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I mean that you need to be extremely lucky to get it ;).


What is the process to get 3 instead of 2 in arena?

Just roll it roll and roll like getting perfect 50% on Push the Limit.

Maxing it. Though, it’s somewhat hard to know when you gets it maxed, cause values less than max still shows +10 on level 100.

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The important part is we told you it can be done. Good luck figuring it out! :four_leaf_clover:


And boom goes the dynamite!

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what if i use effective?

Effective Mythic and Ignore Resist Legend are not “Effective” in Arena. Or they just good only on PvE.


i think that is the reason why i can’t go to division 1

Can you message me your current set? Maybe I can help.

What is the base armor for all the character?

Base armor:
This information is in the first post so I will clarify a little below. Base Armor numbers below are for chest, helmet, ring and amulet each item / gear at level 100.

Warrior 250x4 or 1000
Rogue provides 150x4 AR or 600 AR
Wizard 75x4 AR or 300 AR

Base resist (all characters just make sure all gears and trophy are same element):

Base Resist gear = 100
Chest 10
Helmet 10
Ring 10
Amulet 10
Pet 10
Trophy 50