PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention


Does Equivalence Mythic gives damage reduction?


Yes, it’s another multiplicative part of damage reduction. Equivalence mythic provides 65% More reduction but that changes as soon as your HP and MP become displaced (you take damage).


Thank you.

So having a High Regen is needed when using Equivalence?


Not necessarily. It really depends on what you want to accomplish.


I want to maximize my Damage Reduction without sacrificing my Damage and HP.


Is this right?

Equivalence 1-0.65 = 0.35


Yes for the basis of understanding the function. Using my example at the top, if you add Equivalence mythic then your damage reduction would become:

Damage reduction:
1-(0.35x0.75x0.6188x0.8434) = ~ 86.3% Reduced Damage


0.35 = 1-65% for equivalence mythic. Bae
0.75 = 1-25% for Defiant set.
0.6188=1-38.12% for Armor
0.8434=1-15.66% for Resist.

The example at the top had 61% reduced damage. Therefore, using Equivalence mythic in the exact scenario I provided will increase your damage reduction another 25.3%.


Yes.But it will no more 0.35 when you get hit.
Exp: 80k hp / 100k mp(full) *0.65=0.52
Damage increase from 35% to 48% when you just lose 20% hp.
Correct me if wrong.


Yes that is correct and is what i meant by having HP/MP displaced (taking damage). You need to maintain equality.


Thank you for the information. Without having a proper knowledege about Equivalence can make or break your build.

What if the other way around? Having a Full HP 100k HP/80k MP. Is it the same calculation or Equivalence only affects your HP?


My build is a big wall for many players :blush:
Yes.Usually you will not keep full hp while lose too much mp,cuz equivalence also gives reduce resource cost(same caculation as reduce damage).


Wow. That is nice. Climbing wall to get to the top :grinning:

Does it mean that using Equivalence should come with Regen affix so that you can mantain your HP/MP?


Can Alchemy Mythic Resource give Damage Reduction and also MP Absorb?


No to either.


Thank you.

About the Deadly Arts it says about 0.5% of Deadly Strike. What is the Max Cap of Deadly Strike in Arena and also how to calculate those for Damage Reduction. Thank you.


That’s 0.5%/Rank to reset your Cool Down. That means if you have one set of deadly arts in the arena then you have 1.5% chance to finish CD but the gear shows 1%/Rank to reset CD. I believe the gear is correct at 1%/Rank or 3% chance to reset CD. Deadly Strike cap is supposed to be 24% in the arena but i have not personally tested to see if that is correct. I believe each Obsidian max is 8% each (30% PvE). Either way, with this set, you would reduce damage up to 24% or your deadly strike in the arena if it’s lower. For damage reduction from above, it would be multiplicative (up to 24% or 1-0.24 to apply to functions above).


I’ve only seen the Flat Armor but how to calculate the 25% Total Armor?


25% Epic AR affix becomes 9% in the arena. Below is the example from above with 9% AR applied.

Armor 1-(4400x1.75x1.6x1.09)/((4400x1.75x1.6x1.09)+(20x1000)) = 1-0.573 = 0.427

4400 = 1700+1700+1000 (warrior gear)
1.75 = Plagued at Rank 3 [1+25%x3 or 1.75]
1.60 = Battle Mage at Rank 3 [1+20%x3 or 1.60]
1.09 = Epic AR from 25% to 9% or 1+0.09


I’ve encountered your character on arena and it seems that you have an immunity. Is that part of Damage Reduction?


I am not certain what you mean by immunity (immunity to damage?). All damage reduction information is fully contained throughout this thread.

In DQ, immunity typically corresponds now to resist(s) to stun, freeze, taunt, fear and blind.