PvP does root work? / more PvP stats

I swear root from the trophy affix does not work! Not even slow them.
Also I’d really love to see more PvP stats /info I’d really like to see all my stats as I stand for PvP not try to figure it out from 100. Between +sets item lvl char lvl heroic skills on and on its just not gonna happen.
I would love to see more in combat log I.e. misses dodge resisted its really basic and doesn’t show much besides attacks.
Last but not least I think a few more options with the a.I. controls would be great you could really spend alot of time tuning him in. Open attack this skill. If stunned use this skill little more detailed and customizable to try your tune using your build right. Obviously a better way of testing it but I think there’s a few posts about it here :slight_smile: