?pvp hack?

Been playing for 2 or 3 days now. I’ve run into a couple (what I think are) hacks. Obviously there are quite a few running around with hacked gear. Secondly and most importantly my streak and arena points were hacked and taken away? I was working my arena rating up, because I read some info and retooled my equipment, I had gotten to like 750 or so and had a streak of like 3 wins. I faced a really hard guy and won 3/2, as I got the win and points came down, my rating had dropped by 30 points to 720 or so. Then I faced a toon that would NOT die, lost 0/3 and was done with pvp…but I noticed my gold had diminished quite a bit. When I started pvping about half hour earlier, I had over 500k gold. After my bout with the couple hackers it had gone down to 200k. It seems your game invites hackers to play. I even saw a guy in epic league with 1 win and 0 losses and this is after winning the match against him. You really should improve security especially when there are credit cards attached to people’s accounts.

You do know it costs gold to play a pvp match righ? So dropping gold amounts is normal.

It’s not online game so it’s prone to cheating.

Playing at low level can consume all your gold in arena. Add it’s several thousand good per game. Later it’s not a problem as you can make several million gold per map.

Item drop rate+luck+dealer. Best combo ever.

Yes, I realize it takes gold to play a match. I also just played one match, after farming some gold. It is only 4 or 5k to play a round. I guess it could be feasible to have lost the gold. BUT…when I stopped, my matchmaking rating was 710, maybe 700. Before playing the match, it was 640?!! How is this possible without playing?

Ah see that’s the thing your toon fights for you even if your not playing so your ranking will always flux untill you get to number one spot where you can kill EVERYbody with say the LOHKO build. So your points will normaly flux.

also if ur internet connection is not good upon ending the game even if u win the match they will record it as a lose thus minus points.

@Umbriel even if u offline ur character battle other character on the legue w/ ur AI version if ur character loses ur points will be deducted. so maybe this was the reason( iys hard to maintain points in arena since lots of players stil play pvp. when lots defeat ur AI char u will be deducted by lot of points.

@Zombikiss lel LOKHo build is not viable in pvp meta today(its realy hard to pull the way the player build der toon now adays) Ive been top1 many times (currently top 1-2 always changing since i got bored earning points lately been busy hunting eternal pet testing my 700%eternal gear find its working pretty much got 4 already today after doing enslaver feats twice) on top leagu eternal ull face bunch of warrior w/ decent/high dmg w/ 180-400k hp lel.

Thanks for the replies, all very insightful. No one even called out my newbishness. I guess being new, game mechanics need to be learned more. I was kinda scared to purchase a new character slot with all the hackers, but I guessing they only hack themselves. Also, gotta say these forums are full of great info, big thank you to all the players active here.


Big thanks to your joining the community.

@Umbriel dont wory in pvp der are two separate league for hackers/cheaters and legit league for legit players.

so basically if u see any hacker/cheater just screnshot der modified items post in report thread. if they are proven for cheating dey are move to ban league wer all cheaters are move der to fight w/ other cheater chars.

as for legit league as long as u dont cheat ul be staying here and pvp w/ legit players (non-modified item) though legit players are usually stronger than cheaters since dey know how to make a build suites for current pvp meta.

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