[ PvP ] Immolation


Hello Everyone :slight_smile: I want to share this build i’m currently working on for PvP.

It’s not completely finished, so any tips / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
This build focus’s on Crushing Blow / Crushing Flames + Burn / Bleed Damage.
Currently i’m hitting for around 15k burn and bleed damage, hoping to hit for more / kill faster when I can get Inferno.

[ I’m planning on replacing Aftermath with Inferno, short on crystals currently ]


Don’t have so many eternal items on a build in pvp. Craft mythic items and add your own bonuses (check out @Mr_Scooty immortal reveal build for ideas). Don’t worry for all skills and talents on gear as you can replace the damage or better it with epic affixes. So having done that then salvaged elixirs can be put in rings and amulets for all sets. If you have an item with a set bonus that require you wear two items of that set then ignore it. In pvp you will get the bonus


@dickwad i appreciate the help, i’ll definitely look into that. like i said above im not completely done. but ill be sure to get rid of an eternal or two

And another question, you said i dont need to have the 3 crushing flames? it will still work in PvP?


Just test and test :slight_smile:


The armour bonus will activate in pvp with just one item. Try it out. View your profile in pvp with just the armour from the set. The bonus is activated


I think you only need 2 Crushing Flames in the Arena to activate the Bonus, but I am not sure. best to test it out to make sure. bonus that need 2 Sets to activate only need one set in the Arena.


i’ll test that, that’d help a lot


I item with the set bonus with elixirs on your ring and amulet. I’ve tested it on very good advice


oh yeah, that makes sense. thank you!!


https://youtu.be/Zjo4gWPDljE watch and learn my friends :slight_smile: my pvp profilex @Swens915 @Golem


Thank you @Mr_Scooty




tip: beserker bonus