Pvp item build for wizard

What is the best item build for pvp for wizard??

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Ill say Golex gauntlet with set armour of freeze ℅ or… @Golem <—— master

it would be faster to just do a Search :mag: for PVP Wizard Builds.

in a way, I’m still a noob at PVP even though I’ve gotten to Division 5 of Eternal League. and that’s just using Epic Affixes… I don’t know if I’ll ever get to 1st place, but I really want to get the Demonic Aura, and that means fighting in PVP.

the thing is, there is no Best Item Build. the Items you need depend on the Build you want to use, and there are many different Wizard Builds that do good in PVP. I’m always changing my PVP Build because I keep coming up with a ‘better idea’ for my build. I just haven’t come up with ‘my best build’ yet because I don’t get really serious about PVP.

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Every best set had it own weakness :smiling_face_with_tear: mine is ranged, stunning, freezing Golex(wizard) gauntlet always killing my mai bonkers and my wizard just getting frozen to death my enemy Archer :sob:

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