PvP item cheating

I’ve seen something suspicious in his item that instead of torrent in his Eternal necklace it is Skulldragga. And also, in the Eternal manashield that is it editable that he managed to insert some epic build out there? How is it possible?

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he can do that if he Jasper it to Warrior and Jasper it back to Wizard with the Necklace. I noticed that when I did a lot of Jaspering when Crafting certain Items. it does that even for Legend and lower items when there are Skill & Talent affixes and you Jasper them back and forth between different Classes.

the Eternal Mythitech Items can’t have Mythic Affixes, so if you try, you end up with empty spaces instead. then you put Epic affixes on there just like on the Eternal Eternalized Items.


Got it Mr. Golem💪