Pvp match ups

Any way to skip your match or do you have to take each one given, there are some I would certainly like to have a skip feature instead of just going in knowing im gona lose that match

You can hit the forfeit button to skip opponents but you can’t skip an opponent with out it counting as a loss :smile:

Well i knew forfeit but im not gona do that lol, ment before accepting…what happens if u just shut the app down instead of hitting begin match

You will still be counted as losing the match no matter what tactic you use to quit the match :smile:

Some opponents can be daunting, frustrating, & darnright nasty to fight. See if you can win at least one round. Learn from the opponent. Study the post round stats to see what their health power healing & prevention were. What skills did they use. Then use that info to develop your own toon & strategy. Best of luck out there! :ok_hand:

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Oh I do try, so many things I do not understand yet…like why can I take a players health bar all the way down, keep hitting them for a couple seconds then I die not them lol. Side note, made it to mystic

That would be the sanctuary mythic when it activates you gain 2 seconds of invincibility and get 10% HP back :smile:

Do you do anything besides play this game lol

And where do i get that lol

Here’s a guide on all of the mythics it will be under necklace mythics :smile: