PVP Observations / Balance Questions


I know this is a “Beta Version” of the Battle Arena, but was wondering if I could get some Dungeon Quest feedback on a few things I have observed in PVP that I feel could use some balancing.

  1. GUIDESHOT: Is it intended for this to be spammed from across the map with spammable Crowd Control?
  2. DEFAULT: What is this and why are 1V1 Common Rogues Guideshotting me for 20K Damage from across the map? I have yet to be Defaulted by any other ability but Guideshot.
  3. In reference to guideshot, when I play my Warrior, Toss / Throwsword or any other Range doesn’t “Zero In” on the opponent like my Mage’s abilities do or like Guideshot does. Why is that?
  4. CROWD CONTROL: Is there any plans to provide some Diminishing returns for PVP? As it stands now, You can perma lock someone down. All three classes have this ability.
  5. REFLECT DAMAGE: Is this broke or working as intended? It doesn’t seem to do anything in PVP.
  6. LIVING FORCE: Is this broke or working as intended? It doesn’t seem to do anything in PVP.

Thanks for your time.

Kev - Warrior / Mage

For me.
1: Its strategy, barrage, comet, recochet also can do the same, spamming+camping across map.
2: It is probably due to LOHKO.
3: the different in range and pattern i guess, guidedshot, barrage comet have chasing ability while swordthrow/toss move in straight line/attack direction.
4:Stun immute,blind immute, frozen immute is currently we have, taunt and fear not yet, in term of perma lock. only taunt doest have immute yet.
5: Refect work perfectly in arena… Its core ingredient for my build…
6: it work.

Unless you have invested in stun/frozen immune, yes.

They probably have Discordance and Multishot, which switches the damage of the special and mainhand skill which equates to Guidedshot = 1050% damage. I hinted of this long ago and did not think ppl would get this far with that setup :grin:

Because that’s just how the skills are intended. Some skills will not seek targets.

Not really. As mentioned above, there are immune affixes which will effectively render such tactic ineffective.

It is working. Combat log will tell.

It is working. What skills are you using it with anyway?

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  1. I just haven’t encountered anything from a Mage / Warrior that has full map clip range as does Guideshot. Even when Mages stand there, I can get somewhat close to them on my Warrior or Mage to apply tactics due to the range of the Mage and Warrior’s range abilities are much much less than Guideshot. I guess there is a reason the Rogue is the most played class.
  2. What is LOHKO?
  3. I am assuming by Barrage Comet you mean the Mythic Barrage? If not, what is that please?
  4. I guess I just haven’t been lucky to find any type of Stun or Frozen immune. If you have pointers on how to obtain this reasonably, please advise.
  5. I did a max reflect build trying to counter all the rogues since that seems to be the bandwagon everyone is jumping on. I never could muster up more than 200 a reflect with max gear and it just isn’t enough to counter the mass damage and range of guideshot.
  6. If it does work, it doesn’t seem to be working for me. Is guideshot considered a “Projectile”? If now, what in game is a projectile?

Thanks for your replies.


  1. Fair enough on the immune, but your thoughts on the max range of Guideshot? You don’t feel that you can take one step forward and start spamming guideshot with massive amounts of damage a tad over the top? As a tester, I’d be interested to hear your unbiased opinion on this.
  2. As I stated above, you don’t think this is over the top from max map range?
  3. Fair enough I guess.
  4. Fair enough I guess.
  5. I know it is working. Is it “Working as Intended”? Right now, the damage is so small with max relfect it just doesn’t seem worth it.
  6. If this is working, what projectiles does it throw back? Or maybe you can help me with the mechanics of the thing.

From a tester perspective, I’d be interested to hear your unbiased opinion for the good of the game / balance / fun for all as opposed to any bias you have due to playing a Rogue. Thanks for your comments and assistance.

LOHKO Lucky One Hit K.O ?

Thanks DevilLord. Although I suggest whoever came up with that term change it Common One Hit K.O. :smiley: Thanks for your reply.

About overall balance, those affixes with bonuses which does not scale or scales a little with the level 20 thing abruptly breaks the balance, e.g. Aftermath, Ninja, etc.

Moreso with the “Immune” affixes which makes any element other than fire worthless.

It has a bigger range in the past versions, but almost everything else’s range was nerfed too. What makes it broken, IMO, is its seek angles are too wide and ppl can’t dodge it compared to comets or barrages etc.

As it is now there are many ways to counter this. Stealth and mute trophies, for example, will buy enough time to shut them down.

As it is now, reflect is based on Mainhand damage to avoid people making builds which can “climb to the top by letting enemies kill themselves”. It is working, but not the way you imagined it to be. Low DPS = low reflect. And IMO it is much better that way.


Thanks for your reply.

Yeah, I was going to comment on the angles part but couldn’t put thoughts into words. That and the distance seem to be why everyone is jumping on the Guideshot bandwagon.

As far as Reflect Damage, my main hand had 60K damage. Still seemed odd that with max reflect my damage was at BEST 200. I also had the Ignore Resist on with that. It would be a great counter to all the Rogues out there.

You never did comment on Living Force. Why doesn’t it work with Guideshot? Is Guideshot not considered a “Projectile”?

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Actually they are “Projectiles”, but Guidedshot and Ricochet already have their special mechanics, so Living Force were not implemented to these. In a way, this is somehow a kind of a nerf when looking at the bigger picture

How about the power rating in the arena? Do note that Power is severely gimped while in the arena, and may probably be one of the reasons it does not work as you would like it to.

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OK Thanks. You said above it was “Working”. Apparently, not as I was hoping. So it appears I am back to the drawing board to Counter the “Sit and Stay” Guideshot Rogues. I tried Reflect and Living Force. Apparently they don’t apply to Rogues. I guess it might be time to join the club and shelve the Warrior / Mage. :smiley:

Did some testing last night and found an interesting combo. It involves Terashaper (Or whatever the name was), Earthshatter, and Spell Sword.

I did a dry run in the practice arena but the mobs there don’t camp, so couldn’t get a good test. My questions are:

Terashaper spawns Earthshatter on Hit or Attack.
I think we all know what Earthshatter does.
Spell Sword changes the weapon abilities from whatever it is to Meteor and Comet.

  1. If I put on a Terashaper item and say a rogue hits me from range with a bow and triggers Earthshatter, does the affect happen under MY feet where I was hit or does it spawn under the attacker’s feet?
  2. If I hit someone with Comet from Spell Sword and it triggers Earthshatter, does it spawn under MY feet or the attackers feet where he was hit from?
  3. When I equip spell sword and it changes it’s abilities, what does it use as it’s damage modifier? For example, I have a sword with Spell Sword. (Obviously :blush:) If I make out “Flurry”, would Comet get the benefit of the max stat of Furry? If not, what increases the damage of Comet?
  4. Same as number three for the second effect of spell sword Meteor.

Thanks for all your help.

Kev - Warrior / Mage