PvP player list

Mind sharing your ID/Unique name and toon reserve on PvP.?

#So at least we know with whos toon we are fighting…? .

Please just quote when u see any weird behavior on that toon to the player.

#I dont like any AI act like stick. dont take advantage on stick toon… →_→

ID: cronoc_rage
Toon: AURORA [Wizard] 1v1

Currently only focus on 1v1 for back vanity

League: Mythics

ID: Isaiah

1v1: Ircher – My Venemous Whirlwhind Rogue of Craftiness (see sig)
1v1: 0xFF0000 – Cataclysmic Maelstorm Bow Rogue (Too bad procs get scaled) – note I only use +2 (+1) Set as Cataclysm > Nadroji Ring in my case.

2v2: Ircher & 0xFF0000 (Red) – Great team!
2v2: Isaiah & 0x00FF00 (Green) – Melee Team
2v2: Ivan & 0x0000FF (Blue) – Wizard Team

I don’t train my other chars a lot, so don’t expect anything powerful out of any my chars except my Rogue.

ID: Amorzoticus.

-Summoner wizard, amorzoticus
-Pseudo mage tank, oselycus
-Rogue, Glamorcita

All of them, WIP.

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ID: Emman
Name: Emman - Warrior

Name: Emman - Warrior
Name: Lockon - rouge with a farm build XD I do only bring him to be 2v2 :laughing:

ID: Forgotten__Fayme
Name: Fayme_Howl [Rogue]

Still waiting for me to have a credit card to buy a second toon