PVP stat Caps 3.0 PTL ED%


is there a stat cap for Push the limit and Elemental Damage% on PVP 3.0? i hope there will be a summary stat page for pvp as well :slight_smile:


ED% has no cap. PTL cap at 40%.


thanks @luisfk. i made a skilled+fury ED%x5 bow rogue and still not enough damage on pvp averaging 1-2k per hit :frowning: how can i increase damage


It’s because ED% gives a very low damage increase on PVP, I really recommend removing all and switching to +5000 ED, because they’re far more powerful on PVP.


PTL=18% < ED%=24% it means this is wrong?
btw im using 5000ED+ED%


Yeah PTL 18% is far better than 24% ED because that 18% PTL increases MH and OH % of your skills. 24% ED barely increases dmg at the start that 1040 ED adds much more dmg due to character being level 20 and level 20 gears.


just to clarify. does 200%WD + 5000WD give high damage in pvp?


Im not sure… And i dont use those affixes. I remove it and replace with something like perserverance, resists (blind, stun, taunt etc…), mythic and ED+/HP+/MP+.
We need different opinions here.


Not much DMG at all. 5000 WD in PvP aka 1040 WD does give a bit more than 200% WD aka 48% in PvP but what gives the most really is 1040 ED because ED affect everything. WD only affect the weapon. Sometimes its better not to use 1040 WD and use some other affixes you need (glasscannon, barbarian, extra attack, multi attack, anything that your build prefers).