(PVP) sword throw question

I am quite new to this game, a month maximum and I’ve read quite often that sword throw is not good. I decided to take up the challenge and found it to be pretty good so far, division 3 eternal good.
I away from my computer so I am current unable to post my items but only two items are eternal and one is crystal, nothing other level 80 with almost no customization.
I’ve easily beaten max level people with full customized gear and several levels of ascension, with 1-3k hp(1 shot) to people with 25k hp. Each sword does from 3k-5k(8-10k crit) plus adding a huge bleed dot and fire dot.

Why the hate?

I love Throw Sword. Pair it with a chakram. Wonderful.

Remember in PvP u dont play in real time so its easy to climb i pref one shot build