Quality purpose

As said in subject, what is the purpose of quality under the picture of an item or pet. Such as -5% quality or +3% quality. I’ve searched before I posted and I couldn’t find anything about it. If I missed it meh so sorry.

it effects damage per second on weapons…and armor rating on everything else as well as how good your re-rolls are when using diamond or flourite…

Thanks for the reply. So, what about a pet? Also, what is the max quality?


i will add my queston to this topic whether quality of the map affect what items are looted ?? Because when i do a cartographer maps on quality +x% i get more items and better than -x% so its true?


me ask, is there any cap on quality? it seems like heaven to find +10% quality, as it is smooth as silk to enchant it and get a nearly perfect affix.
I can’t imagine getting +100% quality. lol

Before was answered what is the max quality . Its 25%