Quartz vs. Kyanite

Quartz: Removes a random number of affixes from an item. (Codex > Dictionary > Crystals > Disenchant).
Good: Only 1 affix can’t be removed from items with Quartz. Usually only need 1-3 Quartz to remove all affixes from an item.
Bad: You can’t choose which affixes are removed from an item.

Kyanite: Removes a selected affix from an item. (Codex > Dictionary > Crystals > Remove Affix).
Good: You can choose the affix to be removed.
Bad: You remove fewer affixes than Quartz can. 1 Kyanite to remove 1 affix, so it takes 6 Kyanite to remove all affixes from an item.

Normal Affix (Yellow): Q :white_check_mark: K :white_check_mark:
Epic Affix (Orange): Q :white_check_mark: K :white_check_mark:
Legend Affix (Red): Q :white_check_mark: K :white_check_mark:
Set Affix (Green): Q :white_check_mark: K :white_check_mark:
Set Bonus Affix (Grey): Q :white_check_mark: K :x:
Set Negative Affix (Pink): Q :x: K :x:*
Crystal Affix (Cyan): Q :white_check_mark: K :x:
Mythic Affix (Violet): Q :white_check_mark: K :x:
Socket, Empty (Yellow): Q :white_check_mark: K :white_check_mark:
Socket with Myth Stone (Purple): Q :white_check_mark: K :x:**
Eternal Items: Q :x: K :x:

*Set Negative Affixes are only found on Warrior Seven Deadly Sins Items. Quartz can’t be used on these items.

**I was using Quartz on an item that had a Fortune Myth Stone on it, and discovered that Quartz can take a Myth Stone off of an item. I don’t have many Fortunes, and was glad it wasn’t a Time, Master, Zenith, or Elixor Myth Stone! if you are using Quartz on an item with a Myth Stone you don’t want to lose, use Garnet to take it off first.

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. The number of affixes removed with quartz is totally random however, and the big discovery I’ve made is the affixes are removed in ascending order. Epic first, mythic last.

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. But you have to be brave :joy:

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there are posts from players with items like Nadroji Chest without the Nadroji Bonus. but they say they went through a lot of Nadroji Chests before the Quartz took off the Bonus and left the Nadroji Set and +100% ED. it can be done, but the odds are really low, unless you are favored by RNG.

but you are correct @dickwad, Quartz usually removes the lowest ‘Tier’ affix first if it doesn’t take them all off at once.

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Making some new armour for a barrage by recycling all unused items. Got some sanctuary amulets with cerebral cortex but I just retrieve my elixir first.