Question about Alchemy

Hi guys i want to ask this while using alchemy in pve if i get fatally hit {get one shoted in floor 10000} and my hp drops to zero will i survive through it ? Since my mp will remain and alchemy counts Both hp and mp as hp. I saw mandlebrot posting That he has an alchemy build which reached to floor 4400 can alchemy be useful in pve?

Never heard about this build, but if you get oneshoted and your current HP is high than your MP, you will die. Otherwise, you may survive, but only if both your HP and MP are enough to take the hit. I don’t think alchemy is useful on PVE, but w/e.

hmm i thought if Both of your mp hp goes to zero you die while using alchemy … ıf this is not true i will be really upset :frowning:

nope, only your hp needs to be 0

I tried alchemy & harmony and it wasn’t much help in pve, didn’t want to find out in pvp

smokebomb proc is better if you just need to survive 1 hit :slight_smile:

Yes it can be useful. Already past floor 1000 using Alchemy build.

How? Did you get %100 glasscannon and full mp absorb and regen affixes? I cant see another wat through… how alchemy keeps you alive can u explain pls?

I don’t use GC and Regen affixes. Just try to balance your HP/MP.

This thread will helps you a lot. :point_down: