Question about berserker set

Berserker set says that i can have stun chance equal to my atk speed on gear which mean by using crystal affix +45% atk spd + haste mythtone it will easily reach 100% stun chance even in the battle arena (theoritically) plus if i’m a wizard or warrior i can also have a talent that boost stun chance too, my question is, is that possible? or is there reduction in stun chance when i hit player in PvP?

In campaign, attack speed cap is 60%. If you have Epiphant lvl5 it’s 75%. Furthermore, cap is scaled down in arena

No but there is an attack speed cap that will not allow for 100% stun chance using this in arena :smile

Umm, i think its say atk speed on gear, so it still scaled down?

It’s scaled to the respective cap.