Question about Crystals

I have recently tried to test certain crystals like peridot and amber to see what they can do to an item. I used one crystal that can enable me to change my dagger skill “Blinkstrike” to either “Twister”, “Throwsword” or “Whirlingblades”
My questions are:

  1. In the choose affix/skill interface, can you somehow cancel the procedure?
  2. Will the crystal be refunded if the game suddenly close?(eg. Force Stop)
  3. When is it exactly safe to use these kinds of crystals on your gear?
  4. The blue square crystal can re roll one affix of your choice buy i cant pick the red affixes, why?

I dont know if these questions are already asked and answered, but i wanted to hear it from you guys out there who love to play this game also.
PS. I may have grammar errors, I apologize for it; nobody is perfect :wink:

  1. It’s possible on some CS.
  2. No.
  3. It’s pretty random, so it basically depends on your luck. If you’re trying to reroll your stuff, you might want to put on some Luck gear.
  4. That crystal only allows you to roll yellow/orange affixes. It doesn’t work on the other.
  1. I doubt if luck can help him (Assume I want to add Frostbite, I think computer show Frostbite for selection is kind of random)
    4.You can reroll the numeric values of red affix with Diamond cs but it will numeric values of orange and yellow too. Therefore, reroll red affix first. Then use blue square crystal (Fluorite) to reroll orange and yellow.

That’s why I said “your luck”, not “Luck on your gear”