Question about double strike

Please elaborate the things I should know about double strike. I cannot fully understand how it works. Thanks so much!

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Simple, if you deal 10’000 damage to an enemy, there is an x% chance that they’ll take another 10’000 damage (as a separate attack, that cannot crit, and is exactly the same as the previous attack)

I would assume this doesnt work with crushing blow & CrushingFlames?

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ohh! that is a good question!

I would assume the same thing, as the only thing that affects Crushing Blow is Crushing Flames, especially since Frozen Set caused Crushing Flames (6+) to be nerfed a little so that you can’t get Zillions Damage from Frozen explosions when CF (6+) instant killed Normal monster packs. (ok, up to Billions & Trillions Damage, maybe higher on a really good Build).

I think another reason Double Strike wouldn’t work with Crushing Blow is that CB is checked at the same time as Critical Hits (it’s in one of the Patch Notes), which is done after the attack hits. I guess that is why Crit Hits don’t work with DS, probably something to do with CB. but you are still doing a lot of damage.

I wonder if DS can’t do Elemental Crits? probably same reason as above.