Question about DPS

Does a build really need procs to increase DPS? I always stay away from procs because they seem to make the screen hectic :sweat:

procs was not connected to DPS its more like free skill casting

i meant to have more damage :slight_smile:

Proc is the soul of DQ.You can achieve many things via varied procs,such as perma stealth,explosion loop,buy a new phone :joy:

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sad :sob:

for more dmg you can use the basic like Element Dmg, glasscanon, push the limit, barnarian

thats currently my build rn. base on freeze affix

Increase the BWD for DPS formula: WD%, ED%, ED+, WD+, WIQ , Power and maybe even APS. Also Empower Talent , Focus Talent, Might and even Astral. Permafrost and Inferno for fire and ice.

Increase MH% DMG and/ or OH% DMG:
Identity, Push the Limit, Hero points of a skill, All skills affix for adding hero point to skill if you’re different class, Multi Attack and Extra Attack. Hit frequency to increase hits of skill per second. Mutilate Talent too. Also including Timewarp and Cosmic power.

Increase DMG:

Glasscannon, Barbarian, DMG to Elites, DMG per Pierced, Total DMG%, Equality, Defiant, Pathfinder, Angelic, Demonic, Relentless, Amplify, Living Force, Momentum, Bloodmagic, Energy, Fury, Alchemy, Crit DMG, Deadly Strike to crits, Brutal , Exposed, Ruptured, Darkness , Adventurer, Arcanist, Haunting Bonus, Epiphany Bonus , Ballista, Buccaneer, Malestrom / Mayhem .

DMG for multiple enemies with ice or poison: Plagued, Druidic and Frozen.

Weaken , Effective and Ascendant, a way to deal DMG to normal as a different way to Ignore resist and usually a bit more than you can get with Ignore Resist if you have high enough Weaken.

Elemental crit dmg: The elemental crits itself and the legend affix for them like Blight for example.

Shock has stack debuff in itself to increase all DMG by 50% after 4 hits.
Poison has dot DMG and so does Fire. Also bleed.

Many ways to increase DMG, each with different conditions and methods.

Glasscannon and/or Barbarian as well as mythics like Brutal and resource mythics though are very common ways of increasing DMG for any build. Then sets like Defiant or so too.

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