Question about farming floor 181

Hey all,

First of all, Love the game! Enjoying every sec. of it

I was reading on the forums and read somewhere the farming floor 181 is kinda the way to go.
I dont have much gear yet but i can clear legendary quite fast.

I was wondering how to farm it?
Rush to the boss kill it and restart? or clear the whole map?
item wise, i got a fabled chakram im using but it aint as fast as my oddysey bow with lightning as it works as " effective" on poison mobs.

So im open to any suggestions on how to progress and how to farm most effeciently :smile:

I dont know whats the best/efficient way to farm/start. But what I did is I play the easiest difficulty and rush to floor 200. Once I did 200, I start to increase the difficulty gradually while playing floor 181 onward. If I am bored, I will just farm floor 200 and the boss and repeat farming all the way :smile:

Not really sure for item wise, but gold wise. I am still farming on floor 181.clear floor, rinse repeat. Slimes are easy kills haha.

My farm-warrior just sprints through the map xD

Well im still in need of items and stones etc.
So im wondering there is it best to clear the map or just rush the boss and kill magics/rares/elites as you see them? Map 200 or 181

the best way to farm CS and MS is fully clear map. i mean destroy all thing u can. bush, crater(box) and all monster. they all have chance to drop thing. by destroying all, it just like take all the chance to get more CS & MS. I always do this since open beta when i destroy crater(box) it drop obsidian lol. who expected to get obsidian on box.? so since that day i destroy all.


Cronos are you doing this on a specific mode or just the highest your possible to clear in a fast time?

all map. fast or slow is not important.

There. Haha, cs/ms/gold I do it in 181 then highest map for items

I feel you so lucky :open_mouth:

Max luck, item drop, and nadroji

@illusies2… let me share to you my exp then you decide…

When i started this game i only have like 350-450 luck with 0 item drop… during those days i don’t know how rare mutiny, defiant, and insolence are so i cannot count how many times i sold them… only item i kept was nadroji… with a luck as low as 350-450 i was able to get 4 nadroji items…

After few months i was able to make my farmer… max luck with max item drop… i farmed for 2 weeks (i’m playing like 4hrs/day) floor 150-200… i only managed to get 2 defiant items… how unlucky i am don’t you think? :joy::joy::joy:

Now, due to the frustration, i took time to think what i did before to get good and rare items without even having a farmer… after a few minutes i thought i already have answer to my question…

Then i tried to farm again, few runs on a random floor 150-200. In less than an hour i already got 1 nadroji 1 defiant and 1 insolence…

MY conclusion, it’s true that it’s best to farm at floors 150-200… but FOR ME, and this is what worked FOR ME, go to floor 150 buy a map or get a map from cart, open 150 map then start farming using the maps you’ll get from there on…

When farming, i don’t think farming normal floors 150-200 is your best option… try to open those maps…

Again this is only my personal experience and still works like a charm in my case. Just sharing what i think can help wipe your frustrations…

I haven’t got that VS bow tho :angry::angry::angry:


I agree 100%, i recently got to 200 and i did get lucky finding a nadroji between floor 1-200 but then i started using maps to progress further and i got two eternallised landes an eternal unfabled sword and a bunch of. Other legendaries but after reading ‘djfsapk’s’ experience im gonna start buying maps at floor 140/150 and work to 200 then repeat the process. Ill share my experience after ive done that… :innocent:

Okay, so update. I brought a map at 140 and collected legendaries, crystals and myth-stone up to floor 151 and i got some pretty good results :slight_smile:

Very nice for me to find 2 crystal legends in 10 floors but no mythical items :frowning: , im gonna go have fun opening all these glorious items, cya :laughing:.

I just can say, i sold out vs and nadroji alot times… .-. ( 12H/D farming ), and i dont know its was rare, if i find that ill keep it

That’s some nice results right there Teacup!

Wow you sure were lucky that day. Now I shall destroy more boxes and destructibles and see what happens.

Lol you cant get mythic items by drops. Mythics can only be crafted. Do you actually mean eternal items?

Just go on floor 181, kill all slimes, destroy destructibles and rinse and repeat.

For me that has constantly gave me 300k gold or more, destroy more enemies for feats, more exp if your low level, more items because more enemies than map sometimes and what’s good about it is you can have a farming gear with not much dps but loads of affixes and get loads from it. Also you can occasionally get a bit of medium end crystals and mythstones such as citrine, haste, death, beryl,peridot, emerald, endow and many more.

I haven’t got as insane luck as cronos but is it just me or if I keep repeating over 100 floors, the enemies are worth rarer crystals and mythstones, more exp and more rarer legends. It seems that way every time I complete over a 100 floors from maps then restart from floor 101 to 181 in map. Maybe that insane luck comes from playing floors so much as well as playing for a loooooong time. I experienced this effect when I went higher in floors from 200-400+ and that effect will only get better If i keep going higher in floors.

Yea eternal sorry :confused: i got confused sometimes, got a lot on my mind this time fo year :sweat_smile: