Question about Fortune Bringer and Adventure Page

Guys, can anyone help me if Fortune Bringer still works for this patch?

Second, am i missing a button to activate the adventure page? My gf/luck/id stays at 650/650/250 even I throw in some farm stats on my hire lingerie to test.

Kudos to the peeps who developed this game. Sure fried my brain cells trying to understand how the game works. Cheers!

Fortune bringer doesn’t work as intended and adventure page also shows this. Best thing you can do is make a farm build or two with item drops, gold find and luck on both characters and hope to get max stats. It’s a safe bet. Still fortune bringer is very good on very easy mode if that’s your thing. You can swap out ring for epiphany ring and get battle mage somewhere too. Optional is nadroji bonus. Battle mage for speed and hp really.

I learnt this from experience so that’s why I’m telling you. As long as you know how averaging works, you are good to go. Fortune bringer was intended to get max stats for farming with averaging by calculation without having hirlings farm affixes but that isn’t gonna happen atm.

Gosh! Got to farm and reroll? So base on numbers, I just need to fulfill 300/300/150 with 20 fortune stats too hit max farm stats on both characters eh?

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Max farm affix is 650% gold find, 650% luck and 200% (+100%) item drops. Half of 650% is 325% and half of 200% is 100%. Those halves are what you need on two characters.

To get there, you must have half of each on each character and providing you have difficulty bonus to make things much easier.
Easy starter is 350% difficulty bonus luck and gold from m3. Then having fortune on both characters makes it 400% overall. You also get overall 50% item drops.

Now add 1 crystal affix luck on both characters and 1 crystal affix gold find on both characters. This should turn the 400% into 625% gold find and luck. Furthermore, add at least 1 greed nature and 1 luck nature on two characters and voila: 650% gold find and luck (+fortunate).

For item drops, since you already got 50% from fortune overall, add 3 item drops ruby affixes on two characters and it ahould go to 200% (+100%).

If you do get epiphany (5), the new caps will be 812% gold find, 812% luck and 250% (+100%) item drops. You must have half of these on both characters. Half of 250% is 125% and half of 812% is 406%.

350% M3 bonus of gold find and luck.

Having fortune at 20 on both characters gives overall 50% of gf, luck and ID. Gold and luck becomes 400% whilst item drops is 50%.

Now add at least 2 crystal affix of luck and gold find on both characters since your using epiphany (5). This equates to 450% extra gold find and luck on average. 400+450= 850%. Boom! Capped at 812% in a way (+fortunate).

For item drops this time, just add 4 item drops affixes on two characters. This equates to 200% item drops. With fortune 20, 50+ 200= 250% item drops. That is capped item drops (+100% hirling item drop bonus).

However for the epiphany method to work, I find that I need to have epiphany on two characters. Obviously, you can also use epic affixes but that can be more costly affix slot wise.
There is a bug though where gold find doesn’t seem to apply to the averaging rules so you don’t have to add gold find on two characters atm. Luck and item drops are following the equation fine.

Capping to maxed though is very hard on very easy mode because it takes so much slots that dmg is less room but it is very easy mode we are talking about. It just takes more effort that’s all. You’re generally better off maxing farm affixes in m3 mode.

This is the guide I followed and it isn’t out of date so it’s still useful. The advice I gave you is as simple as I can get it. No simpler really.

Thanks a million, dude.

Let’s put it this way, if gold find were to suddenly decided to work properly, we would need to throw in 4 x crystal affixes and 4 x id affix on each character. Ain’t we gonna suffer tons be it defence or damage?

Will probably tryout the build you posted in Mar when you’re asking bout the same things I’m asking now. Answers ain’t clear there hence I asked here again.

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I see. Well follow my suggestion anyway as long as the cap is maxed out for you. Item drops works properly as usual anyway. You can’t go over half the cap on just 1 character as it will not count. I learnt that when I tried luck and item drops. Without epiphany I can’t go over 325% luck and 100% item drops on 1 character. If gold was working properly, I can’t go over 325% on one character either. If I get half of the cap on 1 character, the other character has the other half.

With epiphany, I can’t go over 406% on 1 character for luck and if gold mechanics works properly same case with gold. Can’t go over 125% item drops on 1 character either. One character has one half, other character has other half of the new cap.

Fortune 20 gives 50% of each stuff on 2 character. In 1 character, that divides by 2 to get 25% of each per character.

In solo, rules are extremely simple! No need to explain

The math is confusing at first and fortune bringer makes it seem harder since they have different rules but the true math is just half the cap on a character each to reach the cap.

I’m having issues with M3 600+. Can’t kill them faster then they kill me. My main is fine just my hireling needs to mod to more dmg.

Thanks again for the detail explanation. Am hoping my adventure page stop being buggy and starts showing me the numbers.

Time to plaster my thumbs and farm. Cheers!

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I hope so too :slight_smile: . My other wish is that they make it possible for fortune bringer to properly abide to adventure page so once again, people can have 1 character of pure dps and 1 character with farm affixes maxed out. Farming is pretty fast when you have pure dps build doing your work while collecting the rewards. Fookies miss fortune is a good example of that.

Btw, you can get the mayhem stuff at very easy mlde but epiphany stuff needs epic mode at least and over. The lower floors is where most items require m3 abovr floor 200. Defiant items don’t have difficulty requirement.

My pro of fortune bringer is that I farm floor 200 on very easy mode and get the loots very easily or easily get aether stuff and mayhem stuff along with scoundrels items.
Another thing I find is that I get way less gold if I get above floor 200 and less items in general despite my farming affixes. I mentioned this quite alot of times so yea. Mythic 3 is still better though for farming, especially if you find floor 600 easy. Don’t worry about floor 750 because you get those items very easily on very easy mode or if you obliterate these floors easily on m3.

Your welcome :). I think a poison build is the best idea for farming very high floors and good survival such as repeated smoke bombs or permastealth. Not way too much effort in terms of slots really. You will still have 5 or 4 crystal affix slots dedicated to dps for farming at least. 2 of these are filled with no brainer crit chance and crit dmg, other 1 could be crushing blow and last one is either another crit dmg or just regen. Main character will have some trouble with dmg because of set slots like nadroji, crystalline and eternalized/mythical. Still, theres alot of dmg can be done even with farm gear and momentum is one way to speed that up along with many legend affix slots and other potential slots. Hirling dmg is much easier to get because theres alot of set slots you can use along with legend affixes.

Cronos could even get a green garden farm version.

Hrmm, I sold all you’ve mentioned away. Only kept 2 pieces for future use. My Bringer is a rogue and is smoking away for my half past six poison wizard to kill. My meteor barely hits 7m dps thus ain’t killing fast enough.

Burned all my (epic) legend maps to farm and no luck with epiphany. Oh well.